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You do not have to print layout? We help 5 Our team of professional designers who can make models of any complexity. To diyzantys price, the development layout fill in the form below:

Invitation - Leaflets. Print Invitations

printing leaflets

This product is one of the most pleasant printing products, as it always gives joy, attention and special invigorative mood.
The leaflets available in the next thing we would like and without it. Additionally can be exploited such or spray (as if they were a continuous and selective), , punching or felling.
Often, in tandem with this product is manufactured calendars.
It is important to remember that this product is a person as a private sender and companies. It is necessary to Tomenko emphasized splash writing text, qualitatively thought over the structure and design, choose only professional full color printing.Printing 1-print Image specializes in manufacturing of printing of any complexity in short terms. Specialists of the company can help you find the format and material for this product and manufacture quality design layout, according to your requirements.
Manufacturing of cards
The process of making a unique, since one postcard must meet the corporate style of the company, with elements of signage, to the addressee can instantly make its stand out from the crowd generic store clones.
Manufacturing of cards in the temporary range, directly depends on technologies (Digital Printing,Offset Printing,Screen Printing) and processes post-processing industries, such as: stamping, stamping, varnish, laminating, cutting, deforestation.
Products with embossing, or cutting was is it profitable to order with a circulation of more than 500 pcs., as well as under this work is produced stamp, which value that one that for 500 and above leaflets only.
The leaflets in Kyiv and Ukraine
printing leaflets Kyiv - average production time 2 working days, without creating layout. There is a possibility to choose the paper and cardboard designer in the office of the company.
Printing leaflets Ukraine - average production time 2 working days, without the creation of the layout and delivery to the regions is able to consult the manager of the company on the selection of paper and cardboard design.
Order prints cards is possible either from Kiev and throughout Ukraine.
The 1-print Image specializes in the production of cards of different complexity.
the delivery of the products to the customers in the regions that are available to almost any convenient way.the possibility to deliver leaflets, labels, leaflets, flyers, posters and other exemptions products in your city, requests please consult the managers of the company.
How to order the leaflets
Select paper or cardboard design
Determine the edition
Choose the technology of on mail company-print Image is ready to print replica or order development model, contacting with managers phone
Creating Flyers
The format entered products
Writing Quality splash text
Selection of technologies of manufacturing
Design layout
Printing leaflets with an approved layout
Creating Flyers it is desirable to carry out at coated paper density of not less than 300 grams. / m.kv.
Publishing house of cards is carried out by using the following technologies:
Digital printing leaflets
Offset printing leaflets
Screen printing leaflets
Embossing and stamping postcards

festive cards

. The widely used formats:
Euro-format (210 ? 100 mm) without reversal
Euro-format (210 ? 200 mm) consists in half
A6 (105 ? 148 mm) of the next thing we would like and without
A5 (148 ? 210 mm) with the next thing we would like and without
A4 (210 ? 297 mm) of the next thing we would like and without
The text below are prices for often accomplished and formats of copies.
Our managers will gladly help you in the resolution of both technological and pricing issues, related to other, not represented on the site, and copies.
Digital printing leaflets
Manufacturing of cards small volumes. Can be used as paper and design cardboard, and personalize their products.
Format: 210? 200 mm, 1 creasing (bending), Paper Weight 300 gr. / m.kv.,print 4 +4 (double-sided full color printing)

Christmas cards

Free put the logo of the company for the chosen your template Free place your greeting text in the leaflet

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