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You do not have to print layout? We help 5 Our team of professional designers who can make models of any complexity. To diyzantys price, the development layout fill in the form below:

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Menu - an indispensable attribute of every restaurant or bar, cafe, Pizzerias. Each of them and their visitors institution should have menu. Menu, it is not only the list of provided dishes and drinks, it is also an element of the general style of the institution.
Manufacturing menu for restaurants, cafes, bars, pizzeria is limited only by your imagination.Usually for producing used menu sheets format A-4, but their sizes ranging from A-4 TO A-6. Form sheets, also is different. Everything depends on the general style of the institution, it can be both triangular and round letters.
Choice of paper for producing menu also depends on the general style of the restaurant in usual white paper density 150 to 300 g/m2, using designer paper, different colors and shades.
Print menu is digital, as a list of dishes and drinks change frequently, and contribute to , this method is the most economical.probably the most important thing in creation menu was to execute its design. Make sure that your K menu perfectly with the overall the interior, our bright and unexpectable designers. Our company has extensive experience in creating creative design menu for any institution, whether it is an expensive restaurant or a small dining room.When creating design menu we take into account all your wishes and create several options, from which you can choose the most favorite.
processing menu:
Laminating sheets (to protect from damage, abrasion -- makes letters durable
Fasteners by a spring
Fasteners on ring
Create Folders for menu (leather,, cardboard, etc.)
1-print Image offers services for producing menu for restaurants. We offer complex planning a menu, from design to the design of the folders for menu. Our experienced managers will be happy to advise you on any you questions

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