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Booklets. Print

Advertising booklet - it is one of the most popular modern promotional printing and, according to the experts, the best way to inform consumers maximum information at minimal cost for it. A non-periodical edition advertising-informational content, which placed on one or more sheets (up to 4 sheets).booklets are used everywhere, not depending on the type of, the cost of advertising campaign, and address subjects. And this explains their popularity: at relatively small form and compact size of this printing product allows you to put on their pages such volumes of information, which is as much detail and clearly describe all your strengths, advantages and help to conquer the trust of consumers.
Printing booklets is a variety of sizes and shapes and sizes. The most popular among them - - this postcard A4 format with two . The next stage of popularity won booklets format A5,behind him - A3 format. Select display depends, first of all, the method of distribution. For example, to send booklets mail often use A4 format with two folds. This is due to the fact that an envelope with this booklet stand out among other correspondence, which businesses to get in their superfluous quantity.And if the envelope put a bright seal or logo - then your envelope will become impossible to overlook!
Produce booklets is dictated by strict terms of modern advertising market and does not tolerate minimizes or save on . Do not forget that now produce booklets in Kiev virtually at its peak in its development, which means you can watch the latest achievements in the field of promotional printing that you proposed by our company "1-print. Also do not forget that the booklets is the most outstanding,non-standard and presentable of all products, printing and therefore its design should compare favorably and effervesce from dozens of similar booklets.

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