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You do not have to print layout? We help 5 Our team of professional designers who can make models of any complexity. To diyzantys price, the development layout fill in the form below:

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Manufacture of advertising leaflets and flyers
In our company printing flyers and postcards is carried out in different ways:
Digital printing. This type of printing of optimal for printing small number of full-cards. A couple of hundred copies can lead to "figures" if the main circulation is on the way to the advertising campaign remained few hours. Or minutes. Or vice versa - the event is not finished yet, but flyers already dealt with the end. Also digital manufacturing postcards or flyers gives the possibility to obtain trial imprint and editing if necessary.
offset printing. When choosing this method of a one-sided and bilateral effective full color printing it is worth remembering that the higher the circulation, the lower the cost of one copy. At thousandths of copies, which are published in a few days, necessary for conducting prepress, do not play +20.3 ??role, especially when you consider quality transfer of half-tones and clarity of lines. г printing. ever operational manufacture of leaflets and flyers, which do not require , is possible by copying At risograph. Let riso not able to convey , but this is the budget variant.With a modest financing of advertising campaign is worth thinking about when replicating products, especially considering the fact that modern risographs printed not only black and white leaflets. At your disposal 4 standard colors: black, who lives in Chervony, green, blue. In addition you can use colored paper for creating a more vivid and simultaneously inexpensive advertising product. In several colors possible millimeter error in holding that should be taken into account, creating design leaflets.
Manufacturing and printing leaflets, prices
Black and white and full color printing flyers and leaflets in our network copy centers on the layout of customer and the project created our designers taking into consideration customer's wishes and target audiences.
We print advertising postcards and flyers any format on paper different types of.the approximate cost of copies you can count having studied with our interactive price, or apply directly in the nearest future the copier center by phone or email. Friendly managers will help you in calculations and probably won't forget to mention the discount system, existing in our network.

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