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You do not have to print layout? We help 5 Our team of professional designers who can make models of any complexity. To diyzantys price, the development layout fill in the form below:

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The poster (ger. Plakat from Fr. Placard - announcements, current event guide from plaquer - stick, processed) - a noticeable, usually , pictures, accompaniment of short text was made in advertising, advertising and information or educational purposes. (In another sense - a kind of graphic).In the modern poster design is seen as "Update Rollup into a clear visual formula message designed for contemporary findings and specific actions".br> This formula reflects a certain level of graphic design and inform the subject of communication, specificities of the genre include the following: poster should be visible at a distance be understood and well seen by the viewer. In the poster art is often used metaphor figures image events occurring in different times and in different places, contour marking objects. For text of font is important,location> posters also used photography in conjunction with a pattern and painting. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Br> Depending on the size, we can offer manufacturing posters digital, offset or widescreen method of printing. Digital printing posters perfect in those cases, when a printing of posters with small edition A3 format. For large quantities of posters 1 we offer offset printing of posters, and for outdoor advertising and - Large format printing .Mark posters small editions from 1 .is carried out by large format printing on a large assortment of materials (paper and photo paper, adhesive materials, banner, vinyl, canvas, etc.) permission of printing up to> Permission printing is selected depending on the material, which is performed printing and on appointment poster.The cost depends on higher permit (quality) a seal. Br>

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