Cover for discs print and designs
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You do not have to print layout? We help 5 Our team of professional designers who can make models of any complexity. To diyzantys price, the development layout fill in the form below:

Cover for discs. Print Covers for DVD

Manufacturing covers for discs - CD, DVD
Lately it has become popular use as the bearer of the directory of your products - CD, DVD, because of its cheapness. No less popular discs for placing it in the presentation of your product. Naturally, for look of your disk must make it print, as well as make beautiful cover and transcript. Cover and bushing, face it is your disk, it is looking at them, people will take a decision on the feasibility of purchase of this disc or its .Our capable to perform order data for covers for CD during one day.
The most common loose leaves - is the standard slim-box or the jewel range-box (12x12 cm - front face and 1511, 8 cm - downside in slim-box), as well as into the DVD-box (27.3 x18, 3 cm).Loose leaves on the front side can be - in the form of 'folding beds or brochures, which significantly increases the space for your information.

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