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Quarterly Calendars
Calendar - one of the most popular kinds of exemptions souvenir products, they are comfortable, universal and practical. Quarterly calendar is wide range of for advertising - calendars are all, but this means that you can always use this effective advertising on the year ahead with relatively low cost. And before the eyes of your customers will be three months, it is very convenient for planning of activities. Quarterly calendars are large size, and hence the space for your advertising information. Another plus that they can be placed not only advertising, but also branding of your company, and other useful information.
Our company offers you the following types of quarterly calendars:
1. Business on 3 springs + 3 advertising field
2.Bussiness for 3 пружины + нижнее рекламное area
3. Bussiness for 3 пружины without the advertising field
4. Эконом on one spring + нижнее рекламное field
5. Эконом on one spring, without the advertising field
6. Cd on 1 spring + рекламное field
7. Cd on 1 spring without the advertising field

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Календари являются Segodnya чрезвычайно востребованными amid значительного number of companies. Vprochem, в этом нет совершенно ничего удивительного. Ведь here they vo многом зависит исключительно, каким" именно будет блок Корпоративный style или иного предприятия. So now очень mainly, чтобы их design, and TKEEPING уровню qualities было уделено должное внимание. Не стоит заметить, что обращаясь for beauty in russia to us, you will имеете input All ... yes indeed высококачественную продукцию.
Приятно edit внимание on toth fact, что process печати waspsuschestvlyaetsya c использованием печатных четырех machines, and TKEEPING пятикрасочного type что делает календари яркими и красивыми. Благодаря использованию сверхсовременной технке, даже заказы повышенной violations totaling выполняются for about short term и достаточно высоком an excelent.
Process отделки квартальных календарей Может быть выполнен совершенно разнообразными ways. In for instance, можно use офсетное лакирование, двустороннюю ламинацию, совершаемую at помощи глянцевой или same матовой пленки, and TKEEPING тиснении фольгой.
Отдельное внимание необходимо уделить design calendar. In нашей типографии выполнением этих work занимается группа профессиональных дизайнеров, которые отличаются высоким уровнем креативности, and TKEEPING имеют весьма значительный личный опыт in выполнении даже чрезвычайно сложных laid down. Вы c легкостью can select из нашего bank what слайды, которые zatem budut перенесены on your calendar. Мы изготавливаем календари on одной методики навивке, and TKEEPING on three. Vozmozhno takzhe куклы на календарей esche и различных подложках.

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Print Quarterly calendars

Quarterly calendars 10 one-sided: 17 EUR

Quarterly calendars 10 quantity two-sided 0EUR

Quarterly calendars 20 one-sided: 33 EUR

Quarterly calendars 20 quantity two-sided 0EUR

Quarterly calendars 50 one-sided: 75 EUR

Quarterly calendars 50 quantity two-sided 0EUR

Quarterly calendars 100 one-sided: 150 EUR

Quarterly calendars 100 quantity two-sided 0EUR

Quarterly calendars 500 one-sided: 708 EUR

Quarterly calendars 500 quantity two-sided 0EUR

Calendars quarterly, there are different Have modifications, the options on one spring, Three пружинки, as well as in accordance with the The number of advertising fields into one, Three or photos. Top А4, 300 paper Gr., 3 tear - off blocks, paper of


The delivery to yor country.
          At your service:
          - Delivery of our kuryerom city Kyiv, Lvov;
          - Delivery of new mail, HIUNSEL in Ukraine;
          - Delivery, if you want another carrier;
          - The cost of courier delivery opalchuye;

Requirements layouts           

          1. Important! If the layout does not meet the "Requirements for the layout," the responsibility for the outcome rests with the Customer.
2. Mandatory CMYK color palette for all objects, including for raster objects on display in vector file.Halftone below 8% and 91% higher when printed are not displayed.
3. Resolution of raster objects 300dpi.
4. The total percentage fill (Cyan + Magenta + Yellow + Black) at a point not more than 300%.
5. File formats: eps, tif, pdf (optimized for printing only) with all attachments. If you provide files in other formatsthen print their content - it's your risk. The best format: pdf.
6. Fonts should be converted to curves beat.
7. Paul to cut 2 mm on each side.
8. Indent text on the intended incision 3 mm.
9. The minimum line width of 0.2 pt.
10.To personalize the file for Excel textual information that personalizuyetsya or set of files tif or eps for graphic information that personalizuyetsya.
11. For the vector file required cutting contour with knife. Fields not vysikayutsya the edges of the sheet by 10mm on three sides and the fourth side 25 mm.
12.For stamping and stamping the file with vector image of items that huddle.
13. For screen printing required vector file without using raster images.
14. The maximum printing area: Digital Printing 310h440 mm Offset 630h440mm for Screen 900h640 mm.
15.All objects embedded in the file must meet "Requirements for layouts."

Download Files

       If the file size over 10 MB,        You can download it for file sharing, for example on file change system and send us the link before sending the request archived files. Another way to send a file through the appropriate form on the site.

Payment and reception of orders        You can pay
       1. at stake Privat
       2. kuryeru upon receipt of goods
       3. In terms of payroll, or on National VAT LLC
       4. webmoney
       5. another convenient way for you

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