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You know what ?
Fell silent and thinking? And we almost one hundred percent sure that you know, just probably can not relate this useful contraption with a strange word.

is cardboard hook with the advertising information, which calms the door handle, car, furniture or any other product, who has a pen. They represent a bright that attract attention of potential clients, colorful cards that are small, neatly feeding door handles.
Advantages :
1. They cover widest range of customers of goods and services, which should be informed from advertising booklets.
2. Spread the hooks on the door handles, including on the doors of residential buildings, offices, Variety of firms has high effectiveness, often without even exceed Results brought by other types of presenting information.
3. Spread hooks onto pens door leads to the fact that one person in 10 is studying The advertising information so that you can apply for this product or service. Moreover, Taking home advertising hook, client, as a rule, more deeply concerned about explained Information.
In this way, the spread of the hooks on the door differs deliberate choice of subject audience. We give an example: advertiser can order hanging hooks on the door handles only in the elite houses, as well as in any specific district, the most appropriate to performed action.Advertising hooks on the handles door is an excellent tool for finding and attracting target audiences.
Do not lift up people with information, hanging out advertising hooks on the door, for example, about the new salon, far away from them. About this inform clients living near the subject of advertising, applying is actual solution as hanging hooks a door.
If on a nail noted that the offer one would obtain the booklet will be given a discount, it will become possible tracking the effectiveness hanging hooks on the door handles.
It is worth to summarize: advertising winding hooks on the door handles - high quality, modern advertising.This is an excellent way to attract the attention of the client.
Ordering salons, pizzeria flower delivery, cargo transportation, food delivery, hotels, etc.
Manufacturing you can order our company. We specialize in the production of using full color offset printing and various types of processing relating.We guarantee professional approach and qualitative performance of your order.
Print from 100 pieces

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The delivery to yor country.
At your service:
- Delivery of our kuryerom city Kyiv, Lvov;
- Delivery of new mail, HIUNSEL in Ukraine;
- Delivery, if you want another carrier;
- The cost of courier delivery opalchuye;

Requirements layouts

1. Important! If the layout does not meet the "Requirements for the layout," the responsibility for the outcome rests with the Customer.
2. Mandatory CMYK color palette for all objects, including for raster objects on display in vector file.Halftone below 8% and 91% higher when printed are not displayed.
3. Resolution of raster objects 300dpi.
4. The total percentage fill (Cyan + Magenta + Yellow + Black) at a point not more than 300%.
5. File formats: eps, tif, pdf (optimized for printing only) with all attachments. If you provide files in other formatsthen print their content - it's your risk. The best format: pdf.
6. Fonts should be converted to curves beat.
7. Paul to cut 2 mm on each side.
8. Indent text on the intended incision 3 mm.
9. The minimum line width of 0.2 pt.
10.To personalize the file for Excel textual information that personalizuyetsya or set of files tif or eps for graphic information that personalizuyetsya.
11. For the vector file required cutting contour with knife. Fields not vysikayutsya the edges of the sheet by 10mm on three sides and the fourth side 25 mm.
12.For stamping and stamping the file with vector image of items that huddle.
13. For screen printing required vector file without using raster images.
14. The maximum printing area: Digital Printing 310h440 mm Offset 630h440mm for Screen 900h640 mm.
15.All objects embedded in the file must meet "Requirements for layouts."

Download Files

If the file size over 10 MB, You can download it for file sharing, for example on file change system and send us the link before sending the request archived files. Another way to send a file through the appropriate form on the site.

Payment and reception of orders You can pay
1. at stake Privat
2. kuryeru upon receipt of goods
3. In terms of payroll, or on National VAT LLC
4. webmoney
5. another convenient way for you

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