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This video shows how to replace a cartridge in your HP Deskjet Printer., To begin. Turn the printer on by pressing the Power button., Next.compatible printer inks Align a stack of paper by tapping it on a flat surface., Load paper into the input tray until it stops.
Slide the paper width guide inward until it. Stops at the edge of the paper. Do not push the guide in so tightly that it starts to, compatible printer inks bend the paper. Open the cartridge access door. The carriage. Will move into the access area.
Allow the carriage to stop moving. Then, find. The cartridge you want to replace and press down on the top of the cartridge to release, it. Pull the cartridge out to remove it from the. Slot and set it aside. For information about recycling your used HP cartridges, visit www. Now, take the new cartridge out of its package. Pull the tab from the new cartridge to remove. The tape.
It is very important that you use the pull tab to remove the tape., When handling the cartridge. Be aware of the electrical contacts and ink nozzles., Be careful not to touch the contacts or nozzles because touching these can cause clogs. Ink, compatible printer inks failure. And poor electrical connections.
Make sure you install the replacement cartridge, in its correct slot. Tri-color on the left. And Black on the right.

, Hold the cartridge with the ink nozzles toward the printer and slide it directly into the. Open slot. Push the cartridge in until it latches into place.
, When the cartridge is installed. Close the cartridge access door., The printer will automatically print an alignment page.. Once the alignment page prints, lift the scanner lid..
Use the engraved guide next to the scanner glass to properly place the alignment page, with the print side down on the right-front corner of the scanner glass.. Close the scanner lid. Press the Start Copy Black button or the Start, compatible printer inks Copy Color button on the printers control panel.. The printer aligns the cartridges.
The printer is now ready for regular use., You can find additional helpful videos at and on our YouTube channel. HP 95 Tri-color Original Ink Cartridge (C8766WN)

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Use these methods only on cartridges with the head built into the cartridge, like hewlett Packard. Samsung most Canon and Lexmark, do not use in Epson cartridges. Brother, and Canon cartridges without print head. An inject nozzle has a diameter of about forty-five microns, which is about half the width of a human hair. When the cartridge become empty. The ink trapped in the nozzles is exposed to air from the inside, compatible printer inks and the outside.
The ink begins to dry. And when dry, forms a slug of solid material in the nozzles. What you see on the paper. Is skipping, banding or no print at all. Remove the clogged cartridge, from the printer. Unplug the power cord, from the back of the printer.
Use a clean soft cloth and isopropyl alcohol to clean the electrical contacts, inside the carriage of the printer. Locate the copper colored electronics circuit strip, on the cartridge. Wipe them with isopropyl alcohol, compatible printer inks run the print head cleaning utility that came with your printer. Locate the printhead on the bottom of the cartridge, where the ink comes out from the cartridge. Gently and slowly wipe off any dried or crusty ink, with a cloth dampened with water..
Whenever possible use distilled water expecially if you have hard water, or are concerned about mineral deposits from your tap water. Hold the printhead all under a stram of hot water, for some minutes. Then dry the cartridge, and reinstall in the printer. Fill a saucer with hot water, If the print head is badly clogged. You can add a small amount of ammonia, compatible printer inks soap. Or bleach, place the cartridge in the solution for about two hours.
Or more., note that the cartridge is put in so. That only the head is under the water., water should not be boiling. Than dry the cartridge, and reinsert into the printer. Place some old newspapers in the counter of the sink.
, hold the printhead under water tap. Running warm water for, minutes.. Place your finger over the tap to create back pressure., compatible printer inks this allow you to squirt the water into all crevices of the printhead..
Then dry the cartridge and reinsert it into the printer., very carefully use compressed air in the ventilation hole.. The air will force the ink to flow through the printhead., make attention. Do it open air.
Or put the cartridge on some paper towels, in an area where you can tolerate a spill. You can also use a syringe. Or a squeeze bottle., cover the printed with a damp cloth.. Attach the hose of a vacuum to the print cartridge nozzles.
, for only a few seconds at a time. Turn on vacuum., repeat process untill ink flows again. Through the printhead, compatible printer inks blow uff the excess of ink with a toilet roll.

Compatible printer inks

English English, [MUSIC PLAYING]. This episode of “Tekzilla” is brought to you by ShareFile, by Citrix.
. We may live on digital cameras and camera phones, but we still do a lot of photo printing in my house– school. Projects, photo collages.. The simple fact that it is so much easier, to stick 4 x 6 prints on the fridge. Than it is to hang an LCD screen off of it, and much less likely for my two-year-old.
To rip it down and bounce it on the floor over and over again., compatible printer inks And this is my beloved Epson. All-in-one, and boy. Are the ink cartridges– here they are., It’s beautiful..
These things are– just look, they sell you a printer–. –Can we say crazy expensive?, Yes. We can say crazy expensive., And even coupons will not save you.. Nope.
, So this is like the Epson. High-capacity six, compatible printer inks pack of black. Cyan, light cyan. Light magenta, magenta. And yellow ink., Beautiful photo prints.
. But you’re talking about, like. $, for the full set.. Or you can buy the four color, the five color— one. Two, compatible printer inks three.
Four, five– the five colors for $. A single black cartridge is $, to $. Oh, my gosh.. Where did it go?, Here it is..
For $15– let’s see if we– there’s somewhere between five, and like. Milliliters of ink in these, most likely For $. I can get this., compatible printer inks The refill kit for the Gigablock continuous ink system.. And I’m going to make sure I don’t rip the caps off.
, So do you think there’s more ink here or in the $. Refill kit, or in the $. Cartridge., You know. I’m going to bet you $, have a little bit more than those..
Yeah, probably somewhere close to. Times as much., milimeters. Like, compatible printer inks milliliters.. Wow.
, So actually. These are not for refilling cartridges., They are for refilling the continuous ink system.. And this is Gigablocks., It sells for like $.
On, And it’s a little crazy. Right?, Because these are all tanks full of ink.. And I guarantee you there’s a lot more ink system in here, than there are in the high-capacity cartridges.
. These are model specific so they basically–, compatible printer inks what it comes to is everything that can use an Epson. Cartridge– or set of cartridges–, can use this particular ink system.. And it’s a little crazy, right?. Because I don’t know if you can see, there’s the rainbow tubes of inky joy.
. So these are full of ink right now., Those are full of ink right now.. Don’t yank on them, So if I just happen to bite them–. Like a cat?, Like a cat.
. Well, compatible printer inks we’ll talk about the cons in a second.. But essentially, all you have to do. Is pop the ink cartridge in there., And I don’t want to pull it apart.
Because it’s working right now., And sometimes I just don’t like to fix things that are working.. But essentially, these cartridges run to these tubes. To these giant containers full of ink– tanks of ink., So that’s kind of like the one– like I.
Was starting to say before– that’s, like the one kind of downside is you have. To sort of route these cables somewhere., compatible printer inks And you have to make sure these tanks don’t tip over.. So in my case, I actually notched out the lid here..
It’s what they recommend you do., When I get this back home. I will probably permanently, mount it on a board. But that’s pretty much all you do., And you want to make sure that your ink is. At the same level as the printer.
, But you can see there’s– I got a little air pocket in there.. So if I turn this up, the air pocket’s. Going to go the wrong way, compatible printer inks which is really weird because air’s. Supposed to rise in a tube., Any case.
Once you have it set up and you make sure, the ink’s– I basically did one test print and everything was. Golden at that point., I just realized what I did.. Wow., Here.
We do it like that., There goes the ink there.. There’s an air bubble in there., There is an air bubble..
This is exciting television, compatible printer inks people. Watching the air bubble, move through an ink tube.. I want to take a knife to it and just be like [STABBING NOISE], Don’t do that.. And it was kind of crazy.
, Can you tell the differences between– so I. Did a bunch of testing with the stuff we use most, around our house which is the photo paper from Epson. And standard inkjet paper., And it’s probably hard to tell as you’re. Looking at home on a picture on a screen, but they are almost identical..
Yeah, compatible printer inks I can’t see a difference.. I think the photo paper with the Epson ink, has slightly pinker skin tones on the baby.. Oh., Hold on.
. But for the rest of the colors, I. Downloaded– Digital Photography Review, has sort of a standard printer testing. Page they use, It’s a good website.
, And it was almost impossible to tell the difference. On the colors between these in the bulk and the standard ink., compatible printer inks Supposedly. They offer a similar level of UV protection., I can see a bit of a difference on the black. One is blacker than the other.
, Really?. Yeah, just a tiny difference.. Really?, Interesting.. That’s it.
, Yeah. That also might be–, It’s barely noticable.. Well, compatible printer inks you know what that was?. Somebody actually rubbed their alcohol covered finger, on the corner of this photo..
Oh, well there we go.. But yeah., I mean. We wetted them., You know.
The link is just as waterproof., The colors look almost identical.. So $, And the system itself is $. So basically, compatible printer inks like. You get this for $, and then when you need to refill it.
You use the bulk inks to refill it., You know. There might be slightly less warm skin tones, on this.. I think though– we were joking about it before, but I think the most dangerous thing. In a house with a two-year-old, if your cat or Tyler gets.
Tangled up in the tubes, you’re going. To have an epic mess unless you secure this thing., compatible printer inks If you do not secure this thing. All hell, is going to break loose.. I’m going to say it right like that.
, Because these are vents.. And I’m not going to tip it forward, because I’m afraid– well. Should I, tip it forward and see if we make a giant mess?. Oh, God. Do it.
, You would say that.. Oh, compatible printer inks yeah.. Yeah, we’re just going to tip it right back there..
Nope, nope.. There we go., There it goes.. So, keep this in a place where the small children and the pets.
Can’t get near it or you’re going to have an epic mess., But in terms of printing costs. This is ridiculously cheap., And for me it’s much easier than going to a cartridge refill. Center., compatible printer inks I agree.
. I’ll let you know in six months if the cat or the two-year-old, get a hold of this.. OK., Than you very much..
I will need to know., This is pretty cool.. I like it., Yeah. I’m guessing it’s probably a tenth of the cost for ink.
, Maybe even less.. I just bought a new ink cartridge, too.. Man, compatible printer inks Patrick..
Sorry., You need to tell me about these things.. I did., Apparently. Way too late.
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