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, epson printer t60 review hey everybody my name is are seeing him here to talk to you about a printer that. I’m, absolutely excited about it’s the Epson Stylus Photo. R, it’s a printer that allows you to be able to get I’m means in color. Incredible back in Wayne on ball shorts media types, now dispute he was to be able to come to give you a step-by-step process printer t60 review Working with the printer as well as working with all sorted for me, i wanna talk about the things that I find really exciting about the printer. Wanna first things is this I’m sitting here, epson printer t60 review I’m on my computer and I’m sitting in my living room I like to be able to have.
The option to take my print were, ever I go and to print from where I am in the house. The Stylus Photo r, offers wireless capability. That means that you can pretty much on packet plug it in, anywhere you want in the house an axis it from anywhere in the house. So I have a print ray here all I need to be able to do is click on the print, button. And its automatically and wirelessly can go over to the printer, epson printer t60 review so in a few minutes we’ll spend some time talking about. All of the different types in all the different features, the Stylus Photo r.
Rides allowance can talk a little bit about economy of the set up a couple, different types of Prince. I have a couple different pieces of paper and if you’re gonna be a good idea, for us to talk about. Just sending them to the printer the first thing I’m gonna start with this is, premium for the glossy paper. To standard for by six and it’s probably would you would get to somebody if, epson printer t60 review somebody asking for a print. So this is the sheet size: so there’s no cutting that’s involved what I’m gonna, do someone grab this. My they should pray here at the top the printer pressing this light grey button, I can go ahead and bring this in.
It’s all set now, I have a print here that I want people to work with. What I want to be able to do zone tickets printer and I want to be, reformatted to the size that i’m looking for.. My computer my page setup and inside if he reminisced select the printer that, I’m working. So there’s merit, under the paper size. My school all the way up here and I want to be able to use my four by six, sheet feeder and incentive here you’ll see that you have an option that says.
Borderless are we expand by doing that now set the paper size before by six, and they need to be able to adjust the margins and I need here so. I’m gonna get rid of all of these margins so, all of these barges into the straight down to zero him. My cell size I make it is the as I can, epson printer t60 review is really want to spring really pop and have no borders whatsoever. The other thing that you need to keep in mind is when you’re making these types, of Prince. Need to make sure that you using the correct ICC profile so, down here at the bottom where we have profiles I want to be able to make sure. That I select, photo paper glossy I leave my rendering.
As perceptual and all I need to do now is just click on the print button, some data files been sent to the printer the print is doing some printing. And short amount of time we’re going to print that’s going to be a four by six, epson printer t60 review and it’s going to be borderless. Because I B UltraChrome k3 with vivid magenta, you three sheets black you can have so you can get a phenomenal.

Black-and-white experience on this there’s a couple things that I think are, really really cool about this. Also is it’s quiet you don’t really, your damn much more is coming under the printer print is fast. So in a short amount of time print will come right back on, look at something its borderless beautiful quality.
How this task for r, epson printer t60 review oxycodone. A few, awful beautiful print so we’ve talked about how to be able to make a four by. Six borderless print, inside like room I’m sure to be able to make she’d. A fee to happen, into Photoshop take a look at this. Might also Photoshop in, minutes and click on File. And open I want to be able to make this print right here, epson printer t60 review beautiful cupped beautiful tonality is very very subtle.
So what I’m gonna do as I’m a single click on File animated, click on print now we have a specific printer. And we have specific page size we want to be able to select so, I’m gonna go we can select my r. And, under the print settings are click on that and I want to select the paper type. Company use, in this case I want to be able to use my letter and. The letters going to be she Peter borderless are expand, epson printer t60 review clicking on those two options I’ll then be ready to be able to cook a meal. To saved button and you’ll notice that discipline would look like if your, portrait.
This is what’s gonna look like for landscape, I gotta make some adjustments here so middle back into the print settings and. I wanna come down here, under the printer settings section. Inside here I want to make sure that the media type that I had, is photo paper glossy and I want to make sure that my color mode. Is of I don’t want to necessarily manage the color, epson printer t60 review inside the printer minute left Photoshop take care that work. And I can do that by coming over here and selecting Photoshop and adjust, colors. Some a scroll and find the r, i’m looking for.
My photo glossy there’s my setup. Now I need to be able to take the image in wanna bring image in a little bit, I can do it right here and a scaling to fit media. Or I can choose a custom size, this looks pretty good though so I have my. Photoshop managing colors I have my ICC profile setup, epson printer t60 review now I’ll go back into that print settings and make sure that and the. Printer settings, there’s no color management that set up that looks good. Must seem this file and we’re ready to print but when I need to be able to do, is.
Obviously, BPP. For it half by eleven for a fee for classes are free bring, very shiny paper thank but it’s pretty easy to set up. Mothers this your opens up was at the people right back in there, epson printer t60 review just like we did with the four my sex comprende. At this point the print would take care the rest now, if I wanna be able to take this print and I wanted to print to be able to have. A border around it I get always comes here, and scale my media thing on notice that right now it’s killed to about seventy. Six percent, but if they make this that’s a forty-percent or.
Make this, percent by using the scale setting. You can take the prim and proportionally make it bigger and smaller, epson printer t60 review allowing you to be able to have a white border around the image. That’s what I did to be able to produce this now, this is where you can really see the color in the new one so the printer. Really, make this picture come to life to get some nice blues you’ve got some nice. Reds, you’ve got some magenta in there there’s a lot of different types of tonality. That you see in the skin and that nuance is really which are looking for when, you’re making a print so.
You consume you can have an automatic border you can make this inside a, epson printer t60 review Photoshop. And really does a phenomenal job printing the stuff had an incredible, speed. Now the Stylus Photo r, handles a maximum with the. Inches, that means if you’re looking for sheep she’s probably going to be. At the maximum about a, min. Do we have the, epson printer t60 review ultra-premium photo paper luster so this is a paper that’s not as.
Glossy it’s not a shiny as the other one but it does, have that photo paper feel and really does make colors pop. Kinda want to show you something real quick this is a print page, just me but the R three tests. Beautiful edge to edge, perfect colors are spot on detail is phenomenal. Absolutely love it which another one this from the border, absolutely stunning. The nuances and get this at a convention in Orlando, epson printer t60 review so the ability to be able to get incredible colors like this. On beautiful paper wirelessly from whatever I need to be able to be, I like that I like that a lot now Picasa being set that it has.
Beautiful skin tones we’ve already seen as nuance, and incredible amount of detail. Beautiful printing, I like by not printing and to do that I like using the absence initial where the. Papers, have one other models here this is a hot press brake paper and we use this with. The Stylus Photo r, epson printer t60 review how do I do that well the peepers a luxurious feel. But it is a bit pic to do that what I want to be able to do some when he’s a, friend Peter. All I’m going to do is just press this button Melissa, that is a second or the you need to be able to release back.
Here once that’s released an extended, you ready to go all we need to do at this point. Is push the paper into its position, you might encounter some resistance but that’s okay. You can push reiter once you have that said, epson printer t60 review give it a go press the OK button. And its gonna go through the process of getting the paper ready, for the printer now this is for all types of specialty media that you can do. With this and it goes into about 1.3 millimeters thick, fine arts can missus poster board.
Anything about sizes usually does pretty good the quality go, that out on this is going to be amazing now. It’s going through feeding the media and its two in some sort of registration, process in a couple seconds. It’s going to be ready what we’re gonna need to do here is just press this, epson printer t60 review button. And we’re good to go, now types a prince that you get from this look like this. And miss is phenomenal normally, whenever I work with kind of a gym black and white and things like that sometimes. As he looked it up and it and that’s kinda, very distinct segments of color across an image when you’re doing a gradient.
In this picture of my mother you’ll notice that it’s very very small, and outlying those new ones and I think that has a lot to do. With the three different action blacks that we had your in these cartridges, epson printer t60 review another important point to be able to make with this is that this has full. Both bottle and matt black Inc handle, automatically switch based on the paper type that you set up. So in earlier printers I would have to run over the printer, take out whatever it is replaced with a new cartridge or. I would go in half that manually president too many, the fact that can automatically switch be some attacked a setup on the computer. Is a great plus obviously you still have the option to be able to do on the menu, if you want pot phenomenal printing.
Automatic switching and wireless they can get better, epson printer t60 review use a feature that I didn’t think we’re gonna be on a compelling tonight. Actually tried it, it’s the print this CD or DVD and. The weight and the do it on the Stylus Photo r, is the commute is passed the concert I all we really need to do now is just. Take, a printable DVD that’s the key part should its printable. Is taken to the concert now, remember that in the fine arts section we have this door open back here. What I want to do is gonna be close this and, epson printer t60 review shut that door now I’ll go ahead.
And presses and open it up on the menu it’s gonna tell you hey, are you trying to do a CD of yeah I am have any answer. Mike hanna Mina place this and all I need to do is line this up the line, that we have a right on the media click on the OK button. Its gonna feed that information in its gonna load it and then it’s going to be, ready to be able to print. One other programs that you’re going to install when you install, drivers and everything like that is something called a print CD program. And what that does is it allows you to be able to use this strange insert, epson printer t60 review graphics and images in text and. Also to stuff onto the face a DVD by just using a file print, now you have the capability of.
Delivering a DVD with an image to your client and I think that that really does, leave. An impact, the Epson Stylus Photo r. Has a with about, inches wide. So that means that the larger sheep that you can get is about, epson printer t60 review min. That as a prevention from printing controls now, here I have the premium glossy photo paper as a rule what I want to be able. To do show you how to be able to install in, here on the r.
Have the role rancor, and you’ll notice that the interest that you get are both right and left. Are marked so from cannons, place a rate one here and put a left on. On this site now need to be able to do something to the printer, epson printer t60 review turning this printer around. The mod is that we have the back door that we used, that’ll be the same area that we’re going to use to be able to load the roll. Paper, to grab the paper and. Will notice that there some slots on the inside of this you can just, grab these and set them to those slots.
What since in position, you can move your paper down. Along the track you might encounter some resistance, epson printer t60 review you can go ahead and push out a lot you also need to make sure. That you pull out that party the trip, once you do that we can go ahead and push it along a little bit. Will turn, around and notice that the rule papers loaded. Now all we need to do is send the printer this something you have adequate, walked through other Stylus Photo r. You get some amazing color you get some easing to home, and appointment different media types.
All in a, epson printer t60 review and Wireless make sure you take a look at this. My name’s RC ICS

. Pine the, lemme. Good morning ladies and gentlemen, the scam its became France and unseen time technology condemned it. Richie’s expert in research, and development as well as Matt Fraction a inkjet printable cards.
A car technology love it he’s, epson printer t60 review Inc absolving and what proved coding uncertainties. Now lettin Taylor how it works, a four-star wouldn’t gates reactions ready first one. Abner a checkup, second one. And the jet printer, and now this the most popular brands absent. And can here is absent in, printed. And that’s one a trip, epson printer t60 review a printer like these okay as hell.
Okay ago as a very beginning, we have to finish suppress any counseling. The most common software II, control and France up because you read using air right now. As a general, Subbaiah setting process. Now then repenting comes in general, it takes about three minutes to finish the whole printing process. Jurist I’m Atlanta and tear something more about, epson printer t60 review our products actually. There is not just only one cannot Cup, they are moreover I day the.
Injured house available bridge a pearl magnetic up, contact I seek out. Kentucky’s I C cup, and also last and a cop. C, really more rinse the choice for a democrat. Is that all of these week all for special package service as well, epson printer t60 review okay. No can see the printing, the Proteas go is going Burris mostly and share alike. Gain weight, here comes some.
Gas coming, is coming. But not finished now let me show you its printing, effect can see the manufacturer Nelson. Real estate can see have now, epson printer t60 review in Kent another Kat and continue to printing lives and our site. Okay, ok now let us to a lot protesting because you know. Know what provisions are gone and as well yes avocation, game pc. So my pregnancy, is read it perfect what features to entrust us.
What a person the problem, ok my friends anyway whenever netted out. Ms thanks for watching our best player

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