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Hello everybody I have done a lot of research and reading in the last two, years about 3d printers and I decided maybe he would be a good idea to maybe. Share that information with you in case you’re just curious about learning you, good printer review want to know the truth about 3d printers you wanna unbiased review or maybe. You’re considering buying a 3d printer in the future and hopefully this, knowledge and information will help you make a wise choice for your. Purchase ok so first off the printer I’ll be using in these videos are the, photos in this video are all do you flash forge finder its company called.good printer review Flash forward they make several really nice printers, the dreamer and the finder and the guider all have touch screens which I. Really really like I wish more companies would offer touch screens on their, good printer review printers ok so let’s go to get started.
3d printing has been around for more than, years it’s nothing new it’s just. That the technology has become very affordable to where anybody can own a, printer so that’s a good thing and a bad thing everybody in their ground mom owns. A 3d printer nowadays and everybody in their grandmas selling them also the, other problem is 3d printers are being exploited really really bad like really. Bad by companies like MakerBot and 3d systems and ultimate ger and you know, good printer review that the list goes on somebody’s really high dollar printers are also the worst. Companies that you do not want to buy from they exploit the printer they make, a try to seem very glamorous the proprietary things to wear when. Something fails you have to go back to them or you have to buy elimite, cartridges from them or proprietary parts etcetera.
So that said the truth about it is a $, 3d printer is capable of printing a piece that is just as good as a $. Printer it doesn’t matter how much you spent your, YOOYEUS 2-prong Port Ac Power Cable Cord for Epson Xp-300 Xp-310 Xp-400 Xp-410 Xp-600 Xp-610 Printer behind it is all the same alter maker tries to get you by saying that there’s. Or all-metal chassis and all metal parts and this and that what you’re paying for, that but in the end it’s the print that matters right it’s like a fool who goes. Out and has to have the latest smartphone that person doesn’t impress, me with their smartphone all it does is tell me that person is an idiot and very. Careless with their money because to me if the phone still drops calls that’s, all it is it’s just a phone I don’t care if I make your coffee it’s still just a. Phone and that’s all I need it for you if you buy a, good printer review produce good prints doesn’t matter what you spend on it you know it doesn’t do.
Its job then why bother right another thing that really really makes me laugh, about these companies that sell 3d printers as they try to market it with. Glamour or just plain stupidity they try to say like hey look we printed these, separate parts with the 3d printer the printer itself printed the upgrade parts. It’s like well why does it need to have a great part shouldn’t you have already, made better parts for it in the first place that’s like behind all the used. Car paying full price for an old used car that just needs to be improved and, good printer review needs to be fixed and this and that whatever its stupid mentality if the. Printer doesn’t print good prints from the start and what good is it right it’s, it’s a piece of junk that just require so much attention you know it’s not. Serving its purpose, right okay so then you gotta look at the real selling points.
Selling points like features like what you want out of the printer are you a, hobbyist and you’re just curious do you just want to be able to say that you own. One argue legitimately, good printer review is for and you need to print something if all you need is to print one or two. Things you’re almost better off going to a company like Shapeways dot com and, send him your drawing and they’ll send you a print out a pretty reasonable. Price and it’ll be much much higher quality print and you will get on a, regular abs or PLA or nylon 3d printer ok to use a material called SLs which is. A power her so you gotta kind of think of it as analog vs digital vinyl record, is analog and then analyze large signal flows in a natural curve it’s just so. Natural and beautiful and then you get digital audio and its choppy and chunky, good printer review and it will never compete with a vinyl record ok kinda same thing with the.
Print versus SLs 3d print princeton rose it’s a very primitive technology were, and nozzle spirits basically who is molten plastic out against heart melt. The plastic and plastic out onto a platform and then it does it again and, again and again and build up your model ok I know that sounds kind of kind of.

Basic but that’s all it really is it’s very primitive technology there’s, nothing special about it that’s why they’re so cheap and affordable so focus. On the things that you need to hear require out of a, good printer review going to buy one look at the largest size objects you want to print and. Decide if the printer is big enough for you, Orica print several small pieces and gloom together right. Avoid the glamour like MakerBot they do so many devious things trying to make, you think that it’s so easy and that’s why you see so many other printers on.
Sale used on eBay because people buy it they realize they don’t like or they, sent it back to my MakerBot and then they sell offers the refurbished unit. Which refurbishes all that means is you, good printer review used and because they didn’t they were fooled they thought it was going to be. Nice and quick and easy and fun and it’s not, like you see like this rocket right here that print probably took six or eight. Hours to print it wasn’t a quick simple thing you know it’s it’s it doesn’t work, that way this piece here was printed in multiple parts and then glued together. There’s peace here I guarantee you they probably had, rejects before they got. This one good one that’s just the nature of it don’t be blinded by these ads on, good printer review ebay from these newcomer companies where you see one or two photos of the printer.
Can you see like a dozen or more pictures of, random objects that might. Have been printed on a 3d printer or could possibly be printed on the printer, they try to blind you at all this junk when it’s the printer that matters right. Ok again just gonna be smart with your with your purchase the features of the, printer are very basic you know it doesn’t matter if you spent. Or three, good printer review thousand you might only gained one or two features from the $. Printer, that the $. Doesn’t have there’s there’s really not much to a, one of the biggest advantages in my opinion as having a USB port or an.
Sd-card slot on the printer that way you can put your printer or your STL files, your your 3d drawings on a USB card and put it into the printer and you do not. Have to have a computer connected to the printer all its printing the reason this, good printer review is such a big deal is because 3d prints are quickly it takes hours and hours and. Hours some even take several days if you really want to true so you don’t have, your computer. Tied up specially for using a notebook computer so try to find one that does, have a USB port or excuse me Laura St card slot and funny thing about printers. This is, inches square but yet the build valium is only five and a half. And a half square on this printer so the bill for him is actually pretty, good printer review small considering the overall size of the printer but that’s kind of the.
Nature of them although I honestly think this printer could have a seven by seven, build volume if they would have just put a bigger prime bed you know little. Things like that but what can you do you buy something that looks appealing to, you that you think you’re gonna like that’s gonna look good in your house and. Not look like this mechanical nightmare with wires dangling everywhere right you, will pay a little extra to get a more cosmetically. Pleasant printer like this one here this is the password finder features are like, good printer review a heated bed and do extruders ok everybody asked me about that now you. Really don’t have to have dual extruders I have discovered the to try to print a, dual extruder print is really more trouble than it’s worth the the. Printhead its remaining idol is going to end up hurting your print and have, little bits of the one color mixed on the other hand it’s not it’s not so easy.
You know it’s just not a very it’s not as great as it sounds, a heated bed on the other hand they say it’s only needed for abs prints but it. Works very well with PLA in fact don’t read if you don’t believe everything you, good printer review see and read online because for example matter actors and California they’re. Supposed to be professional selling 3d printers and that some of the info on, their websites Assoc stupid they noted on their website that do not try to. Print PLA on a heated bed because it will not stick, well that is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard the truth is PLA will. Stick to a heated bed in fact it’ll stick so good that you’re probably break, your part trying to get it off. Ok so do your own research this printers kinda nice because it has a removable, good printer review and in the case of the printer pieces that are really stuck on the bed this.
Will allow you to play, about the bed and take the piece off with ease. Hopefully ideally a heated bed its removable is is perfect but nobody makes, one touch screen is also a wonderful feature but so far I’ve only seen touch. Screens on / forge printers which I really liked by the way when it comes, right down to it does not matter if you spent. To, good printer review because the components. The functional components are all the same and only time will tell your, printer the fan could go out in a couple days or in a few years you know things. Like that only time will tell the computer components are all made in, China anyway and so kind of the luck of the draw you might get a printer that.
Has really good components and it has one thing that fails you might get a, printed it a lot of the parts fail you never know but spending more money is. Not going to guarantee a better quality printer and also this printer here for, good printer review example ABS plastic which works out just fine you do not have to have a metal. Chassis to get good prints doesn’t affect the print quality but chances are, you gonna be spending more for a medal chance you like with an old to make her. But it’s it’s money thrown away from foolishly because it’s the print quality, that matters right. Ok so the other things you want to avoid a proprietary things like printers that, use a proprietary cartridge this one for example does not although it appears to. Be but it uses a regular role of PLA that you put into this little holder, good printer review although companies like 3d systems use a proprietary cartridge and it’s kinda.
Like a like a crooked webmaster who sells your website an issuer making, money off that website so every month they keep gagging you they want more and. More money out of you every month at monthly payment just so that they can, stand business and they see what you’re makin. And selling and they want a piece of the action they want they want some of your, revenue going down it’s not necessary not buy a printer like that you not buy. One from 3d systems designer gonna be stuck by their cartridges it’s not worth, good printer review it and even if you find a way around that it’s still the fact that they’re so. Deviousness so greedy to get your money that they designed it that way just to, keep on getting your money so why buy from somebody a company that’s right you. Can avoid the same thing with like the MakerBot day they use a proprietary, extruder and those who fail.
Quite a bit and what happens when you have to buy one you have to spend five, to eight times as much for replacement extruder and you have to buy it from now. Ok don’t buy a MakerBot don’t buy an altimeter don’t buy, good printer review leapfrog throwing your money away what really matters the most is the quality. Of the 3d drawing vancouver is a waste of time eighty percent of the files on, Thingiverse are not even printable just because it. Screen does not mean it is printable and you’re gonna try just to be able to use, it also keep in mind. ABS may be stronger and easier to sand however gives a very toxic fumes and you, do not want to run a ABS print wall in your home it will make you and your. Family your pet sick stick with PLA and safer and it provides better detail ok, good printer review so I hope that helps all the information was understood and will help you make a.
Better choice if you decide to buy a 3d printer thank you for watching

. It would advise my name is Carlos and today I have the HP Envy, all-in-one. Wireless printer, well that was a lot of words anyways this is a speech budget printer in. Person who lost everything in the printer but doesn’t want to end up, good printer review breaking the bank is also perfect for small business owners who just want to. Pronounce death and give to their clients or do you just need a printer, for some reason now this printer is quite huge is a bit on the big sigh I. Wasn’t expecting to be this big so plan accordingly where you going to places, since it will take a big chunk of space now packaging with the printer includes.
A manual NEC Corp to power the printer a telephone line keep alright I haven’t, seen this in a while a couple of glossy photo she’s any discontinuing the. Drivers for the printer so set up this really easy I decided not to connect the, good printer review printer to my PC so I guess my phones dead when I powered on the printer it. Prompted me to download the HP printer app on my phone so I can set up the, printer it was extremely easy to setup instructions are really clear and the. Guy do really well and it connects the right away to my network I was able to, start printing documents in minutes so since this printer comes with its own ad. You able to print documents straight from your phone or tablet or even take a, picture and convert it to a PDF document si comprende it’s pretty cool and works. Really fast it doesn’t take long for defender to start printing either this, good printer review is extremely good for me since my girlfriend types si satellite using the.
Tablet with a Bluetooth keyboard imprinting from her talent should be, super useful using dispenser she usually saves for documents and goes onto my pc. To pressure from me printer that is connected to my PC which is a bit of a, workload and is just saved that extra step of actually going to my PC just. Print out from your tablet that is also compatible with iOS and Android devices, so for another printer dossey. Inch capacitive touchscreen ever registers my, good printer review fingers really well what are not too late and the menu system is really easy. To navigate the huge icon that helped me get pledging expands to get done what, you needed to do and I’m left outside arson capacitive buttons a home and back. Button on the right hand side the receipt a local for NFC despair has, Tennessee.
Like a device I know but I couldn’t get it to work no matter what I try there’s, also a competitive power button any wifi local just an attorney did that glows. Blue when is connected to your network on the back thirty small green light to, good printer review let you know your printer is connected to power because I said there’s a need. To inject a USB type-a connection and two telephone lines which are built in, for a fax machine I don’t know who uses those we have mono and finally there’s a. Connection to plug in the power cable there’s a small circle on the bottom, right hand corner when you open it up and really need shows you some flights. To St corridor a USB to print documents or photos that you may have under-, devices you can also enter your picture straight from the printer in the menu. System this is a plus one in my book since it’s a few times so you want to, good printer review import MRC computer and edit then you just do straight from the printer so.
This is an all-in-one printer so it’s a copier scanner fax machine any printer, the design of dispensaries plastic overall was some body parts wish pick up. A lot of land might get scratched overtime and like I said in the, beginning is a bit on the Big Sight getting its wireless you complete this. Anywhere now printing why’s it gets the job done for documents were actually, takes it prints. Pages per minute with black ink and nine pages per minute and, good printer review code that is really fast compared to model printer which would take forever. Just print one single document in black and white but one thing I did find that, was the image you’re printing is in color and its large image that takes up. The whole paper it will take a while to pencil it doesn’t do nine pages per, minute in color unless you’re really tiny images and this is advertises the.
Photo printer but the photos they print sorry bid daddy I don’t know how exactly, to describe this but the Florida League really sharp maybe it was the eager. Something but that’s the only way I can describe it I would stick to printing, good printer review photos from Adorama pics relook at princeton service in your area unless. You really need it quick bowler than this can do it but the quality just, don’t expect it to be the best one thing I do love about this printer as how. Cheap ink is to purchases the black ink for $, and the club for $. On Amazon, is a great price and perfect for brokaw’s tuna stand near Pincher or a. Small business owner doesn’t want to end up breaking the bank and just need to, good printer review document to print relief as is a total.
Great potential for which is really all I recommend this print to it has, everything you need and does a great job and is not over price as sprinting and. Wirelessly is really easy on this printer and is probably the best feature, on it and it works so anyways this pretty much does it for my review of the. HP Envy, all-in-one printer is still a rely on them but anyways I hope you. Guys enjoyed it and I’ll catch you guys on the next one

. Hi everyone firstly I want to say thanks for watching this video this video is, about top. Best printer with low-cost Inc, the first in the list is HP Officejet.
This printer is excellent because of the quality of the printing and scanning is, very good. The set out was simple wireless printing is simple connected to network just by, good printer review wireless printing super easy works fine right out of the books the cartridges. Are the cheapest and affordable high-capacity auto sheet feeder for, scanning and copying. Sheeps not recommended for printing photos or, documents for customers on the second is brother printer MFC J. W wireless, color printer this printer is easy to set up both with WiFi and a USB. Footprinting nice feed of a scanning and copying it works perfectly with Windows, good printer review 8 you can scan an image on the printer and any PC on your network can access.
That image number three years Canon Pixma oMG, a smart design printed. Delivery in combination of high performance and real convenience, AirPrint features provide wireless print from iPad iPhone or iPod easy to set out. Partner it worked seamlessly on network easy to set out the Chromebook printing, and Android recommended for photo printing startup and shutdown period is. Not so fast, good printer review number four and the list is absent WorkForce WF. With good and fast, two-sided printing features forty percent lower printing costs of. Escalator, sheet paper capacity great value for home office printer this.
Printer has no fax function, it can make enlarged and reduced copies number five Canon Pixma oMG. A model, good printer review of printing versatility this printer support wireless printing from Android. IPhone via Pixma printing solutions compatible ink tanks for individual and, combo good quality professional photo printing it has five separate ink. Cartridges for better dynamic photo printing white printing nice cloud, features number six is HP Envy. At all in one color photo printer save up, to 50% on Inc with the optional HP Instant ink replacement service good. Quality printing for home or small office printing anywhere from iPhone, good printer review iPad create and share fun photo and video with HP love photo it doesn’t come.
With a USB cord on number seven we have Epson l, and. All-in-one printer it, loses on demand inkjet printing method hydroelectric did not support WiFi no. Wireless printing good economical on excuse, pages for one-quarter Inc. Level excellent print quality and beautiful color printing, good printer review no duplex printing number eight is brother mfc J. DWU features low-cost, two-sided printing Gooding efficiency decent print speed good wireless setup. Need to install PaperPort program for audio feed for scanning it does not scan, in duplex from the flatbed class the printer produced PDF files it handles.
Nine by, sheets number nine is HP Officejet. The low-cost way to print, good printer review with confidence. This printer is compatible with Mac OS it does not have Bluetooth need wifi to, network to printer this prince quickly and beautifully the color printing is. Gorgeous, it can print from sdcard and flash drive easy access to in cartridges clearing. Jams finally by number, is HP Officejet. Best and good for, good printer review low-cost printing for everyday documents and more great printer for home use.
Reliable very good quality easy to use comes with adjustable paper tree it, takes envelopes too fast printing small footprint modern little green clear easy. To read screen even at night it does not have a duplex or wireless connectivity, the ink cartridges are reasonably price thanks for watching this video please. Visit about dad for more influence if the video is useful please share and, we’d love to hear your comments thanks again

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