- , which is used to manufacture medium and high volume printed products. Printing is constant printing plate. At the heart of this technology lies flat printing method. Images from the printing plate is transferred to the intermediate rubber (offset) shaft, and the shaft of the paper. That is why,this method is called offset printing. Offset printing - by far the highest quality type of printing that perfectly conveys a semitone, a whole range of colors, propechatuvaly thin line. It is also the most common method of producing offset printing produktsiyi.Tehnolohiya:
When offset image transfer is flat printed aluminum forms. It is whitespace and printed items. Paint just stick to the printed elements that have oil receptivity chemical properties (paint is oil-based). In probilnyhelementah sticks mixture of water and alcohol (these items are hydrophilicchemical properties, they repel paint and draw water). Then paint transferred to the intermediate shaft offset, which has rubber base. A sheet of paper is offset between shaft and gear shaft due to pressure between the shafts of image offset shaft "Vtyskuyetsya" in the paper. If you look at the image through a magnifying glass -You will see that image in the offset printing consists of small dots called raster points.
In offset printing using four colors. In this mock color model - CMYK (ie paint themselves): (Cyan - Blue, Magenta - Magenta, Yellow - Yellow, Black (Kontur) - black).
Print standardized color (strictly defined color formula) - called the stamp Panton. Panton - paint a fixed color mixed separately. Reprinted separate machine-span, which increases the cost of printing costs, but the output you get exactly the color that was provided in advance. Generally, Pantone - a company colors.
Features Offset printing:
The main stages in the production of offset is:
1) Preprint processes - making regular printed forms
2) Print processes - directly druk3) Poslepechatnyye processes - further processing of printed products, such as: cutting, folding,creasing, varnishing, arkushepidbir, stitching etc.
Printing is constant printing form from this, during printing can not make adjustments in maket.Pry offset printing are 2 types of expenses - fixed (independent of circulation) and variable (depend directly on the number of prints) The principle of our work - "We are not just printing, we are a company that helps realize your goals! We understand your needs and ready to go to meet you "