Silkscreen printing - method of printing in which the image is produced by paint bursting through a special sieve (stencil). Stencils are made of special fabric with small cells (previously used for this purpose silk, now - polyamide fabric of synthetic fibers) .To create templates fabric impregnated with a special photosensitive composition,which polymerizes when irradiated with light (so-called "illumination"). Polymerized particles clog the pores of fabric instead of unreacted washed away during subsequent washing. Thus, a form transmits only the paint in the right ("nezasvicheni") locations.As the forming material using special fabric or metal grid frequency 4-200 threads / cm and a thickness of about 24-90 microns.
The thickness of the layer of paint that is applied to the screen printing, may not be comparable to the thickness of the paint in other ways of printing. Example,offset printing on coated paper layer of paint of 1 to 2 microns. In screen printing ink layer ranges from 10-12 microns to 500 or more at repeated application. It often happens that the saturated colors need to make multiple passes one color. Shelkotrafartenuyu printing can even feel your fingers.As for the variety of substrates of different nature, we can call a list of thousands of names of materials from plastic, glass, metal which daily appear in the market and for which the silkscreen every day show ingenuity to find a paint suitable for printing.
For each surface is recommended to use the appropriate paint, which will have all the necessary properties to paint well stuck to the printed surface.
As for the form is sealed, so it can also be varied - flat, spherical, cylindrical, square,conical, trapetsevidnaya and so on, almost any form, if the special equipment can print images by trafartenoy printing. You can list only a few items that are sealed by means of screen printing, pens, cups, plates, instrument panel, wallpaper, clocks, mantelpiece,frontal and back glasses of cars, trays, umbrellas and many other items. Finally, with regard to size, define them as "unlimited", it would probably be an exaggeration, but a theoretical limit screen printing very high. Quite a big frame and to pull on her Sith fabric. There silkscreen, which daily print formats 9x4 m,and some even more.
Screen method can perform color raster printing. There is one feature that is that each color separation bitmap image is applied to the grid, which has its period, its screen frequency. In addition to concerns about the exclusion of moire,avtotypnym characteristic periodic raster, there is also the need to avoid the possibility of the appearance of moire associated with raster screen mesh. Currently, there are technologies aimed at providing high quality raster screen printing. In particular, good results provides frequencymodulated screening and screens with chaotic structures. Very popular now bitmap pictures on T-shirts printed in one or more colors. The principle of our work - "We are not just printing, we are a company that helps realize your goals! We understand your needs,and ready to go to meet you "