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, hello today we have a Kodak. Hero, kodak 5250 printer ink are one printer scanner. Back there and copier and the problem with this printer is its, effective but up here it leaking. Inc have the bottom with the right there, bring out the set every ok.kodak 5250 printer ink Them paper tray can see it leaking need more, up in the air mister at their. I suspect that I am, kodak 5250 printer ink this is going to be an easy fix I suspect that.
The e train which lays right here, is probably form and it’s just overflowing. I am because I don’t see any cracks down here and then, normally you know when the producer is clean cycle sealed up seventeen. Concluded that, the where think then entry down and a certain clean itself. For maintenance reasons track a suspect at Swanage grind out so we will take the, kodak 5250 printer ink stand apart. Harshly have you back, alright first they were in the room is Rena. Turn I’m and then run to you, open up the access panel here to get.
Tearing in the printer henny I most likely your printer head will be in the, home position which is on the side collapse I N want to go through its. Start-up phase, kodak 5250 printer ink ill moved out seeking access thing and then we’ll all. Removing and then the next after removing, we will go ahead and remove this on. Skinner I think that bad, here ms ejected pappa a year also have to take off. The the back cover part that roles that paper, sometimes the duplexer sometimes not I’m still pick that up to get their message. But then, HP 02XL Magenta High Yield Original Ink Cartridge (C8731WN) you know this good ink cartridge came out.
And then further BM Prado here came out he is removing, and unplug it. From and then tucking in a park okay to remove the skin afresh with, disconnect the wiring there’s no lol I am. Panel here they use purses club on its on the, bright side in the Premiership a sniper and copyright of. Then you’ll want to remove this bond or here, kodak 5250 printer ink which is to this connector here. Put up there’s a grounding wire, thats could done to this family here well. Course the ribbon cable which is plugged into the, is brown here disconnect that.
All your connections are free okay twenty pushing on that Penn, Skinner has a skinnable drop a little bit and then you do on both. Hinges tippit born and, kodak 5250 printer ink you know up up with craig. Up there and, do this with both sides mistaken baskin-robbins. Sign K went to get the scanner app, Ian go ahead and push the his back damn and they’ll be too. %ah one in each phillips screw down in, the hinge you take those out in hand with the slide right out. Okay am once again Bala, kodak 5250 printer ink they are 6 Phillips head screws to take out.
Their issue one and they’re one down in there, took the mound in. Ish falls an age when they’re, when they’re in here and.

One here and one on the other side ranked in, in Goa and take those out okay next we’re gonna take up the front panel with. Your USB per, kodak 5250 printer ink in your camera card port here when take up his parent here. And from the other side there too little tabs cement their, a push in on and then his part. After an hour he would be in turn around you can take up a panel here, herons I’m near the I’d.
Carrefour and USB port nap phone line in, network pork use. Print top means to disk read error in their and, kodak 5250 printer ink pry it out and I’m compare ap. K, kills coverage issues are. The cover his permit please, East have to remove the ribbon cable here. This wanna plugs into this one got a little plastic, the brown part is the lock there soon get a look that up. Pull this off that goes to your, kodak 5250 printer ink front panel and then you have to.
Unplugged this yellow line and after that, it is basically some you like an elected of. From them lifting from the back first because, your USB thing and their sticks really far-out. So be lifted straight up you’re gonna dams this so, tidbit from the backboard and you’ll be able to get around here. A came once you get the cover up you can see the, kodak 5250 printer ink internal components that the printer here. Motherboard mainboard whether you wanna cause back here, and USB am. Portrayed their om, break here’s where the the Eagles downed this is bull will be working in.
On the bursting wanna do is to remove this cop named, siskel after being held in buying you little. Clips times using you know players union transferred after, kodak 5250 printer ink or diplomats I’m and then there’s one on this side. The same position and that is possibly, and then that gives you access to this crew here. Okay and want to take this top piece of right here, he’ll be looking out the three-screen search one screw. Down in there which are ready to go there’s no screw rate there, turning to download one hiding back here with discrete have to get t getting a. Small swearing in their prom, kodak 5250 printer ink between a plastic piece right there.
And take that scrap and then once you take all the screws out, the entire unit is loose an. You can lifted out, spec and a weekly net any. Movies pad though the way Kingdom Russia you have these are in there, don’t take those out but but loose. Pulled out towards the prime, kodak 5250 printer ink bath and then once you get all at how you can. You know clean it up and the pads here, are actually there’s a. I think three of them in their in police out, there’s a being here in this one.
Down here and, in all these out a party claims. To handle Terry up, kodak 5250 printer ink yes can. Folded up in here so my shape how they win, one had that goes all the way across the bottom. And that’s something like that -, unfolds. To two halves the bottom half is from fold under, tap in the top half hour courses then. Black one here and there’s wanna hear the possible that happen, kodak 5250 printer ink yes and the way that is attached to this one.
Is there’s these three little pieces they can hear, in its its in between. Are in here this as the way the path sit in there so want to get all cleaned up, and everything. Eames put back together and put them back in their, am pretty much resemble a and the reverse order. Thinkers thanks for watching

, I just fixed hillard’s jam. On my Kodak, fifty all in one printer.
On on nobody online seem to know how to do this, I and if you’re like me and you warranty. Is long over I you not left with much of a choice, kodak 5250 printer ink other than she performs surgery on it and exit. I yourself on I mean is it figure out how, enormous I’m gonna tell you how is well market. Actually I can show you every step, but I can talk you through it now. Here’s the here’s the printer, the air screen hom was talking about. You know a carriage jam I’m so what you have to do is, kodak 5250 printer ink lift the lid you’re going to see a.
Curved piece the plastic here in the back left hand corner, I just lower the little little bit and push. That to the right up that lets you, at snap it out at position and lean laid-back. I’m from here you’re gonna need to take out eight screws, status five here in the front and there are three in the back. This one is especially difficult to get out and if you’re like me you’re, kodak 5250 printer ink probably not gonna even want to put it back. In I just left it out once I reassembled, I sell the carriage was fully to the left. I it would not move at all, I’m so I had to take out the cartridges.
Take out the printhead unit which is under this little gray clip, and I’m that’ll expose all the connections on the carriage. You’ll see a little foam pad that is self tanning, kodak 5250 printer ink directly in the middle I love. Where the carriages part on, and that’s kinda mounted on a one inch plastic piece. That is actually supposed to slide back toward the back up the printer, and instead it’s I’ll power lock forwards so. I just take a screwdriver hand, or in my case the broken kickstand on which is normally supposed to be. Attached to that lipid, kodak 5250 printer ink just push that plastic black piece I just push on it.
I’m it’s gonna be you know it’s a little bit, over top %uh the foam pad I’m but its underneath. The carriage if you can push, that back I like I did it should. Should just relief and then care jobs three-term move right or left, then use reassemble everything and. Should be able to print just like I did on I will warn you to watch out for, kodak 5250 printer ink these. Ravens back here I’m those, those will be sense that you don’t wanna you don’t wanna ruin now. And that’s the only thing when you’re lifting up with plastic, covering I am you can be careful those red.
So I after battling to do is recalibrate the printheads, or not cars is and you probably want to clean the printhead. There is a function for that on the menu, kodak 5250 printer ink so hopefully that saves you. A from happened to rely on someone to repair it for you, keep me from buying a new printer man let you get back to work. You

. If you send a print job here printer but no ink was applied to the paper or you, got poor results you may have one or more clogged printheads this we usually. Show up as spotting link on the page or a missing color despite the fact that, kodak 5250 printer ink the cartridges full because of the problem is you said a printer is not use.
Offensive the pigment dries up in clogs the heads you can often avoid the, situation by using your printer at least every few weeks first thing to try is to. Run the cleaning cycle in the printers utility software or directly from the, printer’s control panel this will force extra Inc through the print heads to. Attempt to unclog them in this example this Canon model has a maintenance tabs, in the menu with an option for cleaning press the OK button to start the. Cleaning process then printed page to see if the print quality improves most, kodak 5250 printer ink printers installed utility on your computer that can also run the cleaning. Process the HP Toolbox software for example has a printer Services tab where, you can select the option to clean the print heads and follow the on-screen. Instructions if the printer is automatically processed doesn’t do the, trick you may want to try manually cleaning the print outs it’s a good idea.
To wear rubber gloves to avoid getting inked on your hands first remove the, cartridge for the printer there are two different styles of print heads for some. Models including many Epson and HP printers to print head is often, kodak 5250 printer ink integrated into the cartridge some models such as those from Canon have a. Separate printhead that can be removed, the cartridges themselves often have a sponge at the bottom and these should. Not be cleaned instead removing clean the print head unit instead of the, cartridge itself you may need to remove all of the cartridges to access the. Print head unit mix isopropyl alcohol and water at about a fifty fifty mixture, in a small bowl or plate should be just enough to soak the printheads but just. Barely, kodak 5250 printer ink if the print head is integrated into your cartridge soak the printhead.
Portion of the cards in the alcohol and water solution is the printhead as a, separate peace soak the printhead in the solution either way let the parts for. Around two minutes for the paper towel up several times, pull the cartridge printhead out of the solution and Abbott against the paper. Towel until it is relatively dry change out the paper towel if it starts to, become so to think once the printhead or cartridges dry reinstall it into the. Printer and the cartridges as well and try and test prints if you’re still, kodak 5250 printer ink having trouble you can try soaking the printheads longer even overnight he. Found these tips helpful please take a moment to like this video and subscribe, to our YouTube channel to see future videos be sure to visiting technologies. Dot com for all your motoring needs we can help you save money with every print

. This is a Kodak to shifting problem is the cartridge holder won’t move to the, kodak 5250 printer ink right just open the print cartridge assembly this is the unit that is. Stopping the print cartridge move left and right now there’s a little tab here, which is attached to the trolley and if you push that tab back it will move and. This is what you’re pushing back on that disappears and the traders and the whole, walk back and you can move back offshore now travels against covered in ink and. That’s what you just had to clean up you see that little place at the back, whose forward it pushes the collector up so we we need that down and to the back. And then the carriage

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