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, printer review singapore I’m. Hey there it’s Dave Altavilla, for hot hardware you know computer aided design and manufacturing technologies. Have been around for ages, recent advancements in 3d printing technologies. Have brought industrial strength cad/cam capabilities, down to the mainstream consumer for as little as a few hundred dollars.printer review singapore You can own a 3d printer capable of taking your creative vision, to life in plastic via app selects catch up. Free cad an Autodesk there’s even in online database, printer review singapore called thing averse are 3d objects that people.
Upload to share with the world 3d printing is an exploding, amazing market so we figured would round up a few of the more popular. On the market, to show you what they’re all about give me a sense above the technology in. Action, we’ve got machines from sa little the saw little too is here. The cube, and right next to me is the up many from Delta micro Corp. Let’s take a look around these machines and show you what they’re all about all, printer review singapore rights all the printers will be taking a look at here today are filament extruder. Based designs that use ABS, or plae filament based plastic.
You can see here looks a lot like weed whacker line this, is the up many by pp three DP. And the US based distributor here is up, X object Inc the printer itself retails for $. With the number excess Teresa, let’s take a look with the army you get a number of tools and accessories. Include with the printer, Silhouette Temporary Tattoo Paper the company actually includes a pair work gloves believe it or not you get a. Sharp curve snaps for cutting way the breakaway support material your model, as well as an exacto knife little Bhargav allen wrenches and other odds. And ends, you’re a putty knife ana para tweezers the machine measures nine and a half.
Inches wide by roughly, inches deep. And, inches taller cell. And it’s not a very big machine sits squarely on your desktop, printer review singapore I’m in ways about. Power alright so inside the, up many is where all the magic happens it has a. Millimeter cubes print bed right there, and that’s about a. Inches to be exact for with, depth and height above the model you’ll be printing layer thickness on the print.
Is point to, millimeters or to order microns. Orth, printer review singapore microns in terms of. The layer thickness or pitch I love the resolution, that it can print to print speed is. To, centimetres cubed per hour. On fine it’s about, centimetres cube per hour. Centimetres cubed per hour on fast mode, and the printhead is right up top here.
And again the print bed is down the bottom and the back side up many you’ll, printer review singapore see the film in spool holder a power button. And you can see that actually the film in school holder that the bracket itself, and the guide are actually printed on the printer.

On they’re actually plastic parts that were printed on an up many, on the right side the system you’ll see a power cable as well as a USB. Cable plugged into USB port report and that’s how you attach the printer to, your laptop to a load up the up software. And pull your model and the platform temperature on the system is, 50°c for either ABS for pola in the extrusion temperature is touring. And,.
°c for pola input file format that again, printer review singapore sinks over that USB cable is. STL which is a common rapper apk file format, that’s fairly industry standard there are other types of three file formats. Used on other printers however, alright here’s a quick look at ups version. Love their production, software this is not actually we would design a. Cat software program, but here’s where you can pull a model and that standard STL file. And you do things like rotate the model around, printer review singapore scale in size man actually go ahead and print it.
On the printer itself are you also could perform various maintenance functions, with this software as well. Alright so here’s the up many in action and we’re printing the, raft portion of the design right now this is actually the base. Portion I love the model that houses the, the model and sorta makes a platform for to print I’m. I’m also a nice feature about there are many is it’s a smart support feature, that. Will print support structures in the model to keep it from warping and, printer review singapore certainly there are varying degrees O. Warping with ABS or PO a plastic, peel away or less prone to warping then ABS.
And here’s the Armenian action as it nears completion for the print, over our Empire State Building 3d model that will be using for test sample. Across all the machines you see here today and here we have the cube, printer from. 3d systems and this printer is capable love building a little bit larger object, actual. Max creation size a five and a half inches cube, printer review singapore on its printer bad the printer itself measures. By, by. Inches tall weighs nine and a half pounds, and is capable of connecting via.
G Wireless or you can insert a USB stick in transfer your, print files that way it is a single jet printer it also prints in ABS plastic. And is capable of, micron or.. Five millimeters I’ll layer thickness so pretty fine pitch there as well, printer review singapore and also run so its own software cuba fight client. Runs on, and 64-bit operating systems when does what have you. Now with the cube 3d three systems includes a couple things in the bundle, you get a two above cue globe.
Which you actually used to dress the print bad up the system which is right, here and that’s. Remove all its magnetized in keyed and snaps into place, placing clean with pretty good precision an alignment here in the printer so it’s. Always set up nice, printer review singapore like you glue allows you to remove your model without tearing any layers it sets. Up a nice surface on top the print that, they also get a USB stick that you can transfer files to and from the printer. From so your notebook or desktop and an AC adapter is included as well that, powers the system in incidentally the up many also includes an AC adapter. Power brick very much this the same size and became, screen right here which you can perform some basic print and set up functions.
On for controlling the printer they may have noticed that the cube, a print cartridge which is actually where the filament the ABS plastic film. It resides, printer review singapore and as you can see in the bottom here and we’ll contact area that makes. A connection with the prayer itself and tells it that it can feed the plastic, through the print ad. I’m now three systems sells these cartridges, for fifty dollars each or a three pack for a hundred and forty dollars. So they’re looking to make a little money on the plastic material here, obviously. And it is a little bit more expensive than the average spool up ABS plastic, that you can get on the open market.
All right here we are in the cuba fi client software package that comes with, printer review singapore the cube. Is a fairly straightforward package nice user interface but it’s a bit more, stripped-down in basic perhaps than what you get with the. Up many this package will take a standard STL file format and imported, in the cuban format or cube file format. But as you can see here were manipulating Armada when it doesn’t nice, job of. Giving you the ability to work with three models in general, now three systems also has a nice website that. A cuba find a calm they offer some models for, printer review singapore use you can either purchase them or with the producer pretty you get.
Three models in the package now the q3 retails for $, so it is. Significantly more expensive than up many, on the flip side you do get a five and a half inch larger print bad versus. On, the up many. And the printer is easier to set up to level the print that and and set up the, printer in general just much more user-friendly. With the cube 3d and here we are printing our Empire State Building model, printer review singapore as you can see we’re getting close to about half for the build. On the left there is the up many version of that model, and finally this is the saw little too someone who has a very traditional.
Printer design approach, with boxy sheet metal frame and a simple construction you could say it’s very. Much in keeping with the original rap rap, design philosophy of open source based self replicating. Machines a no frills version sells for $, without the exterior metal casing. Or plexiglass door that you see here, printer review singapore for $. However you can get the pro version which gets you a, heated build platform right here as well as an upgraded power supply and I would. Highly suggest the heated build platform, because it certainly helps minimize warping at the bottom layers of your.
Builds, and for $. You get the expert model which is actually what you’re looking at, here. With the exterior metal casing as well as that plexiglass door, printer review singapore and also bills come assembled with. From the factory with a point three aunts row love started filming, which is enough for one very small build along with the AC power adapter and a. USB cable and that is the only way you communicate with the unit, is over USB the saudi riyal to has a six by six by six. Build platform however sought to also has recently released the saldo free, which increases that size.
To, inches cue so if you want to build some really large models. Saldo free maybe though the printer to work into, printer review singapore also all the rules are fused film-based printers that work with you the ABS. Repeal a, although ABS is recommended saw little too. Has a rep rap version, electronics. Engine as well as a single nature chrome powered, extruder it and it weighs about seventeen pounds. The system is eleven and a half inches along, by long.
. And, printer review singapore inches high in terms of precision the salt all too can print. Down, millimeter layer Heights. With point three millimeter suggested for typical printing, as always the finer the build pitch generally the slower your prince will go. And here we are in the back side assault little too as you can see this is your, Control Board. In all the connections that are going into the print bed and printhead area, USB route portrayed their you plug the USB cable and.
Power cable here wraps around as you can see to the AC adapter, printer review singapore and a cable management the sort of setup be a conductive tape. If you will also have a sort of a home-grown feel to the solid deal to, to be sure and here’s your filament spool holder which is a bit of PVC. Piping believe it or not but it gets the job done and, works quite well we might add now the saudi riyal to work for some the open. Source 3d printer packages that are available online, but Saul who recommends the rapper to your printer interface package that you. See here, it’s definitely not as user friendly or perhaps as intuitive as a Cuban Five. Software for, printer review singapore the cube 3d but if you really wanna dig in deep and learn about.
Software is definitely for the power user, and gives you access to all the knobs and dials. Here we are in the g-code editor interface as you can see we can rotate, our motto here. We can switch over to the manual control tab and now you’ve got access the, settings like. Turning on the heater for the extruder or he for the prepared you’ve got, temperature settings for both. And of course you can manipulate the prepare itself in the, printer review singapore easy access direction or the printhead in the X&Y axis. So lot to differ controls what a different features in a very powerful, package for the solid angle to.
Printer and here’s the saw little to inaction building our Empire State, Building model of the structure is low but challenging to print and then it’s. Comprise the, rather tight dimensions in some areas. It’s actually a good test vehicle for our partners in their capabilities as a, result. It took us quite a bit of tweaking to get the Sala doodle to reprint this, printer review singapore design clean the primarily because. We’re new to 3d printing here at heart hardware and dialing in the setup and, software with so little to. Is much more intricate then the preconfigured approach that cube, the up many take.
On the flip side the saudi will too is technically more capable of higher, precision Prince. Down, millimeter or. Micron if you have the time, printer review singapore and know how to set it up that is are as a wrapping things up here they might. Take a second to thank my son Michael for his efforts with this, roundup. Michael’s been fascinated by the technology for some time now and he was, absolutely my technical guru and go to when it came to setting these machines. Up, learning how they were on and learning about.
So, thanks very much but I couldn’t have done it without you what you’re looking. At your folks really is an entry-level mid-range to high-end offering in the, printer review singapore consumer 3d printer market today the cube. Super easy setup quick printing but it’s perhaps most we couple, when it comes to altering print settings in the like it’s also. The most expensive prior the bunch starting at $, and consumables are a. Bit more expensive with the key was well, with the custom cartridge approach for that ABS material. Again however we can emphasize enough how easy it is to work with it does a, reasonably large print bad.
At five and half inches cube are middle child with a bunch the up many, printer review singapore offers a bit more tweak ability and it also. Retails a.m. Or mid-range price at $8.99 in, uses standard balk ABS plastic film at the gym getting the markets are lower. Consumable costs as well, the app is also fairly easy to set up and it does have good documentation.
The print there was little tricky one so I’ll get that level for us, but it’s also the smallest print better the group mass creation size that. Inches cube for the max creation size and that machine, and last but certainly not least is the Sala do little to solve who offers. The largest print better the group at six inches cube in its also the most, printer review singapore configurable with support for that. Standard open source repertory host software, however it can be tricky to set up for the novice user. And it often took us multiple attempts to get a quality print from the machine, at a base price of $. However it’s also the lowest cost per or the bunch, if you really wanna roll up your sleeves and tinker you can achieve.
Tight layer Heights not appoint one millimeter or, micron with this. Machine, printer review singapore soldier was also shipping the solid you free now which again takes the print bed. Size at the, inches cube. Max creation size well that about wraps up our quick thirties, three printers here today make sure you stop by heart hardware for the full. Review and showcase, I’m be able to deliver high hardware dot com thanks for stopping by. You

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