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Everybody at lines I’ve never taken a look today at a new printer from canon, that we got through the Amazon Vine program this is their LG. It is an, all-in-one with a flatbed scanner there’s no document feeder on here I. Just kind of like an affordable photo centric all-in-one printers with got a, printer scanner review six color ink Bay on it was just so you in a minute I see you get a little bit. Better photo quality than you might out of a comparably priced printer that, doesn’t have six thinks this is a hundred and fifty dollars as you see it.printer scanner review But as we will also see in this video the in costs will escalate quickly on it, so you do have the flatbed here does have kind of a book hinge on it to see. Can fit something larger in the air while still getting the lid down over, printer scanner review that thing you’re scanning so that was a nice thing to see I’m here no document.
Feeder also no faxing which is probably not that big of a deal as much as they, used to be but most of the only ones I’ve looked at over the last two or. Three years here on the channel have all had fax capabilities this one doesn’t so, you will not be able to fax from it you can scan to a PC but even some of its. Scanning options as far as output is concerned is a bit limited I do have to, printer scanner review paper trays we’ve got a regular paper tray here at the bottom and they also. Have a photo train that goes in above it so I have loaded up some four by six, glossy photo paper yet to put it face down on it you do have to go to the. Touch screen that when you register what you’re putting in every time which is a, little bit of an annoyance there but it’s important because a lot of things. You can do from the printer directly without having a computer involved it, Office World new printer ink cartridge for Epson Expression XP520/XP600/XP610/XP620/XP800/XP810/XP820 (T2730,T2731,T2732,T2733,T2734) also needs to know what kind of paper you have in there in order to do what.
It’s going to do I will print borderless onto that photo paper up to a tight ends, are you have by. So you can load in larger papering get borderless prints as, you are printing their I do like to touch screen quite a bit on it is. Actually very easy to use and navigate I was able to very quickly get it on to my, printer scanner review wifi networks that was a pretty easy process it will work with the Apple. AirPrint protocol as well as Google Cloud Print so we’ll print from chrome, books in boxes and all those other chrome devices as well as Android. Devices and iPhones and iPads and Macs and Windows machines of back when you, get this online with the exception of the Google printing everything will just. See the printer automatically so my Windows computers detected it on, printer scanner review network without any issue as did my Mac my iphone to my iPad Retina print from.
Some of those devices in a few minutes you can see how fast everything comes, out of there is though a six color ink system and that can be a problem because. They’re this means you’re going to have quite a cost escalation the more that, you use this so you’ll see them popping out right there for us we’ve cut a great. One, printer scanner review a black one a pigment black which is used for some of those photos as well as. The yellow cyan and magenta and I i will say and I’ll show you a few minutes we, get the computer hooked up this thing is sucking down any content that use the. Budget in just when I turned it on to get everything Prime so I think you’re, going to be spending quite a bit on it’s moving forward as far as network. Connectivity is concerned it will connect up with your wireless network it, printer scanner review also has a Ethernet in the back to see you can attach it to a wired network to.
Choose to do that again once he gets on the network it is good to go see now, that’s the hardware we’re gonna now dude up our computers and tablets and. Everything else and see how this prints and performs so I’ll show you first is, how you can do things that any computer at all there are memory card slots hear. It supports the Sony Memory Stick format as well as sdcard if you have the little, printer scanner review microSD card like I have here you can get an adapter many of these cards now. Come with these adapters to make it fit in there but those are the only two card, size is it supports know when I drop the card in the air it’s going through my. Saved files on there and is giving me some options for prison what’s nice, about this is the kind of works like a Photoshop with work I can specify how. Many prints and I want me I’ll do one and this one else cool down and you, printer scanner review wanted this one also.
And then from there we will go ahead and start printing up some color photos and, will take a few minutes to get everything printing but we will let this. Run its course here you can see how fast it prints did you say you can get a four, by six photo printed in about twenty or thirty seconds once it starts getting.

All of its in crime and actually begins the printing process so the speed is, printer scanner review actually pretty decent especially for a borderless prints so we are printing out. Right now probably hear it going and it’s cranking out that photo and we’ll, see what it looks like when it does emerge from there’s this is the picture. Of the seagull that we had again you dealing with six colors of ink here so, you will get a little bit better kind. You might have just a regular for color printer but you do need to buy some of, printer scanner review the more expensive paper and I’ll do a beer orkut here so you can see a little.
Bit closer with these photos look like up close I will say they will look, pretty nice to me another bad print quality on their good way to very. Quickly rip out photos and you can actually print directly from your phone, also what you’ll see in a minute or two so that is the internal printing Red. Hook Line a cup now and do some document printing and then we’ll get to the Apple, printer scanner review iPhone and other mobile apps to that got pages on the Mac loaded up here in this. Is a two-page a newsletter template that has a lot of text and photos on a very, colorful is a good test for a color printers and is going to buy select trip. Here wanting to do is just turn the quality up the best we can get the best, possible quality added that I’m also going to go over to the layout and. Activate T two-sided printing and we’re going to hit print I was very easy to, printer scanner review set the printer up on the Mac again and also on Windows it’s also very easy to.
Do too so it’ll basically you’re operating system will just see this when, you get a connected to your network properly and you’ll have it configured. So there’s really not a lot of difficulty in getting things setup that, way so now we are printing the document sometimes if you don’t print for a while. It takes a while to kind of clean out its its plumbing a little bit and it’ll, printer scanner review take a little bit of time to get going but if you are frequently printing to. The device it does seem to come up in start putting very very quickly you can, see what the display looks like we’re waiting for a friend to come out there. So you get an idea of your Inc capacity also as it is coming out so there is the, first page of what will probably happen if this works correctly as it’s going to. Take that page suck it back in and then print out a second page I’m going to, printer scanner review speed this up a little bit and get to that point when that happens right there.
We go we’ve got the first I printed and now it is going to grab that page and, suck it back in and start planning on the second side and when that’s done. We’ll come back and see what it looks like right there we go we’ve got, ourselves a printed out newsletter here looks pretty close to what we saw on the. Screen earlier so very close to what we just saw and printed out from the, printer scanner review computer screen this is really cheap paper that I’m printing on soviet a. Higher quality paper I would certainly look better but the text me looks really, sharp I’m very impressed actually with the text output. On here even on she papers I think the printing out these kind of documents and, certainly for photos. It will do very well some other prints look nice you are going to be paying a, printer scanner review price for that in Inc.
Here’s my ink levels already had printed all that much I’ve done two copies of, this I did when I was testing and one just now I’ve printed probably about. Five or six of these four by sixes including the ones you just saw come out, of the printer so I have printed all that much and you can see now where my. Ink levels are replaced all of these ink cartridges all six the cost is about $, printer scanner review there are a few different packs you can get but the cheapest I could find on. Amazon was, bucks to replace all of them the smaller capacity ones the. Cyanogen the yellow and regular black will probably go the fastest that one, cost of. To $, printer scanner review to replace on Amazon you might be a little bit more or less.
Depending on where you typically buy ink from so you will be spending quite a bit, to use this printer and it might be at a point where you do a lot of photo. Printing it might be cheaper to use a service that it would be to use the, printer also notice to when I first got it that it did I use a little bit. Anxious to get itself primed and ready to go so these these graphs will be, printer scanner review dwindling rather quickly as you are making prints on your printer and just. Be prepared for that cost let’s keep printing though he still has something, left let’s see how it works with the iPhone and other mobile devices we got. My iphone out here and going to take a quick picture of it will take a picture, of pictures why not will be a little meta here so we’ll take that picture I. Know what I’m gonna do is go over to our iPhone here and select the photo we just, printer scanner review took in am going to push the share button up top here and what that will do.
Is bring up a dialog to prince will go here and select Print in now will see, one of my other printers on the network here but I can go in and tap on there. And select my Canon printer from the list it will then convert that’s a color, it knows I’ve got four by six photo paper loaded in there already I can set. The number of copies if I want to do that there are few other options I could, printer scanner review switch it back to black and white I could also have it print on the lower. Tray with that letter size paper so that’s why when you put the paper in it, asks you what you’re putting in it uses that information to figure out what to. Do with things when, they get sent its ways I had larger photo paper in there i could print a. Larger prints when we do now is just hit rent in now will cut back to our printer, printer scanner review screen here and we should see that printing process beginning and then we.
Get our print after a few seconds of printing now Android users might want to, look at using the Canon apt after printing off of their devices because. Google Cloud Print isn’t as ubiquitous as AirPrint is on the iOS platform so I, got my android tablet pulled up right here already configured their apt to do. That when I go to photo print and select one of my photos there so I’m going to, printer scanner review grab this picture of a leaf here then click on print and have it run out to. The printer like we did earlier so hit print there and that will I get the, process going on our injury device here so you can see the printers receiving. Data and are printing should begin momentarily on thats after that’s done, printing we’re gonna do a quick skin and then I’ll tell you what I think of the. Printer is going to do the scan from the Android tablet you can also scan from a, printer scanner review Mac using the image capture app on Windows you’ll need to install some.
Canon driver software but then you should be able to scan wirelessly also, and on iOS you can use the same cannon after using here on injury to accomplish. The same thing that’s gonna do real quick here is just click on Scan what, I’ve done on the the printer side is put that doctor we printed earlier from the. Magna put that in the Flathead here close the lid and I’m going to go ahead, printer scanner review and just click on Scan you can change the settings for different document. Formats so you have a photo or a document PDF or JPEG you have the choice, on the output side and you can see how long it will take to skin here is a. Little bit slow in scanning so I also found earlier that when the printer was, doing its post printing processing of the ink and everything it was kind of. Waiting for that process to finish before it started scanning but there we, printer scanner review go our scan is complete here I can add another document if I wanted to flip the.
Document around and ask Anna second page or if I’m done I can tap on exit here, and I’ll tell me where it save that file to on my android tablet as you can see. Exactly how the scanning process works you can skip Wireless wirelessly from it, you can print wirelessly to it the photo quality is pretty good on the output but. The, printer scanner review cost is going to cost you in the long run the app to determine exactly the. Amount of printing that you’re doing to make sure this is a good value or not, one of the problems that seem with inkjet says that when they come to sit. Around for a while they tend to get dried and clogged up and yet to really, waste a lot of link to try to get those come three prime to get the ink flowing. Again so there is kind of like I think a sweet spot for where this makes sense to, printer scanner review use it but we do a lot of volume of Prince it might make more sense to go.
Out to a photo service likewise if you only print occasionally it probably, makes more sense to go out to a photo service also because you are wasting a. Lot of just getting the printer ready to start printing again so I think if, you’re kind of it the midpoint we may be doing ten or fifteen princeton month. Nothing really to heavy maybe twenty or thirty and you know you’re in that level, printer scanner review of volume of printing this might make sense but in the long run it’s really. Going to cost a lot of money to keep replacing ink on this is not a problem, unique to candidates across the industry however both HP in Epson Canon. Competitors in the printing business are starting to adjust how they approach the, business model on these two Epson is coming out with printers of really large. Think tanks which cost more but the ink lasts alot longer in is a lot less, printer scanner review expensive to replace on the HP side they’re doing a mail-in service where.
They will just continue email you new ink when your printer requested for a, monthly fee and the cost of ownership on that is actually less too so there are. Other options now for how you once you purchase and use your ink on your, printer in Canada still on the old model where the charging a lot of money for. The ink and subsidizing the cost of the printer knowing that you’re going to be, printer scanner review paying a lot for ink in the long run if you are serious photo printer there are. Higher end PIXMA printers that I will give you better image quality but no, casual printing this actually does a pretty nice job and things do look. Pretty nice I’m here so that is the pics must, a decent printer for the money. But I just be prepared to pay for all that this is one side the things you’re, printer scanner review watching this channel is brought to you by the generosity.
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. In, today we’re looking at the HP Envy. All in one printer scanner in Copiah this is one of, HP’s most popular wireless ink jet printers. The printer has thus sleek understated design, printer scanner review with all its controls Lido meekly.
On the left hand side of the front face there’s a poll button, and a monochrome LCD screen with control buttons. On either side the monochrome LCD screen is, easy to read in the menu options a very easy to navigate through. Using the up down and, printer scanner review okay buttons no hitting the home button also takes you back to the home screen. Where you have all your major options there’s another role, buttons right next to those and the wireless button. Has a blue LED indicator light next to it the HP, connects to computers and devices through both wifi and a wired USB. Connection, printer scanner review the USB cord is sold separately and doesn’t come with the printer.
Set up to a wifi router is very simple in pain free, once connected to your wifi roldo all devices on that network. Can now print to the HP Envy, you can also set the printer. Up as a web based printer so you can print to it, printer scanner review from practically anywhere in the world hP also provides really useful printer. And scanner software, for both Windows and Mac the printers people truly pulls out. So you can load up to a hundred letter or, size sheets. At one time you can also load additional sizes love people, printer scanner review and envelopes using the adjustable people died.
The People Tree has a fold-out paper tray extender, and can be closed when the printer is not being used. The printers can but can be used to both make copies, or scanned documents as a scan on can scan is a. Or as a PDF PDF option is really useful, printer scanner review and works extremely well would be HP software installed. Scanning to PDF is almost perfect absolutely no annoying, errors or glitches it can also make both collar. And monochrome copies in the copier mall dip in speed is about, seconds for. Detailed color pages like this one can, printer scanner review five seconds for black and white prints pretty quick by inkjet standards.
The print quality is really good as you can see here the picture was printed in, the highest resolution. Column old and the results were pretty impressive considering this is a very, affordable printer. BnB, printer scanner review uses to different cartridges. The, black and. Tri-color the standard cartridges produce about, black and white pages. And about, printer scanner review color pages you can use the extra large cartridges which will.
Almost double your print queue, in both color and black and white ok with links to all these cartridges. In the description below be HP Envy, is one of the best inkjet printers on the market it solves most of the common. Gripes with ink jet printers, printer scanner review it’s super simple to setup doesn’t have any unusual. Errors during printing incan easily produce high-quality prints, from almost any device in your house it’s an extremely well designed. Refined and sleek all in one printer hope this review was useful, if it was please hit like and subscribe for more reviews. Thanks for watching and see you next time

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