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, welcome to gas card a guy so much that you might be as you know that I have a. Three-pointer through your purchase they have is the robo, robo 3d printer r1 review about a year now and I wanted unlike an unboxing so everybody you know if I had. Been making videos at the time and then give them my first impressions and stuff, like that it’s been a year and I’ve had plenty of time to use it I just a little. Review of it before I get started I should mention that I do not have any, other 3d printers and I’ve never used any other.robo 3d printer r1 review Compare this to other 3d printers I can only give my view based on how I’ve used, it for or from the perspective of someone who’s never. So first of all talk a little bit about obtaining this like how do you actually, robo 3d printer r1 review get it you can guess you just ordered online from their website is what.
Actually I think I ordered it through their website or Amazon it was the same, price on both but anyway the shipping said it would take about a month to get. Here but it is getting here in like a week or weekend after something like, that that was amazing and it was packaged really well as a big box. Obviously it’s a gas leak this is a really well in there was plenty of foam, inserts to keep things in place so nothing was broken and I actually had a. Out of the box and printing within 10 minutes it was that easy because they, robo 3d printer r1 review were a little thumb drive that had some video files on they can teach you how I. Think the videos are also I’m you too how to get going on in the viewer, software I just want to think and found a little companion you downloaded it so. We’re sure the printer and I think within a half an hour, had my first friend so from opening the box to finishing my first print it was.
Only half an hour and that’s pretty extraordinary because from what I hear a, lot of people say that these things are you through your printers in general are. They have a steep learning curve and you know for someone who’s never done, robo 3d printer r1 review anything like that to me they. Minutes to get in and started is pretty, remarkable and I think that’s one of the advertising points of the robo. That it’s easy it’s very user-friendly and you know they try to take care of a, lot of things to just give you printing like they want they want to remove the. Setup from the process as much as possible so they don’t get points for, shipping and handling because got here way earlier than expected and it was in. Great shape, Shrinky Dinks Ink Jet 6 Sheet Creative Pack broken have had any problems than other thing I should mention is their customer.
Support I’ve talked to a few occasions and probably the best customers for I, have never experienced with the company and they are extremely friendly I think. They’re, 7 you know they they have on their website they have something bits. You can just type in your question goes to them in a sec you’ll get back to you, within. Hours that I had a response within, robo 3d printer r1 review minutes I think the person was. Extremely friendly and very willing to help because I think my question was, around major flex and how to use to print and is extremely flexible film and. This printer is not designed to print with that but they gave me a file that i, could print a new housing for this should help in they said I need some.
Tubing and stuff like that and it’s not even their brand of too many issues you, can buy and they offered to send the abuse and I think there somewhere in. Europe so that’s pretty incredible, robo 3d printer r1 review extremely friendly able to actually get in and look at this printer okay guys. Let’s take a look at some of the features here so first thing the Sprint, but it is heated and that is an extremely big deal when it comes to. Three printing it will help your printed here better and you don’t have to mess, with any tape or anything like that to get it get the Prince to stick and not. Work so you can actually come out with a completed print have a bunch of field, lines so that’s amazing also the the building area is very large for this I. Can’t remember exactly what it is it’s something like eight inches by, robo 3d printer r1 review something like that I will put the actual dimensions down in the.
Description so check there also put a link to this printer and some of the, filament I use ok and the next thing you might notice is that the bed is sticking. Out a little bit that’s because the y axis on this is actually from the bed to, the bed and will move in and out.

Well the head here moves left and right and up and down it doesn’t actually move, in and out the bed does that we’ve got our stepper motors over here actually. Control the x-axis and then down in the bottom can see him but you can see where, robo 3d printer r1 review they’re actually controls the z axis in this little metal rod keeps in line in. The nest is actually the head the stepper motor that controls the hearings, to make the filament coming out. The filament actually feed them right there that white thing you see there’s, the film at fields and goes down there in the gear has a hard pull that.
Actually push it through, down there and that’s how it controls and this is where the film announced. This little piece right here they send with the printer you know just so very, robo 3d printer r1 review easy to do a lot of people don’t like the way that’s mounted and actually just. Print some things that go on the tops lay here and in the film that will, actually sit up here and feet straight down I just haven’t done that yet I. Wanted to test that out but haven’t gotten around to it it’s alright so you, can see the film is their heads up through here and then comes down to the. Top and now a lot of people make adjustments to their printer and make, quite a few of them actually and I actually have not done very many. Adjustments actually only just might have done is this thing right here it is, robo 3d printer r1 review a controller for it so it doesn’t need to be plugged into the computer and the.
Only reason I did that is because if my computer went to sleep and it shut off, the USB power the printer let’s stop and then you have a failed print and that’s. Not good so I got this controller and he was like, bucks and I’ve recommended. For and what has this printer and it’s just a little graphical display that, lets you preview the bed movie axes and then you can just learned here files. Onto an sdcard operate in the same here and then print from that and then that, robo 3d printer r1 review this enclosures actually just printed as well in the files for that are free. Actually the robot 3d did come with a nasty card slot and there I never use, don’t know how well it worked but there was no control for assault on his. Plugged in and it proved what was on there but this stream is not necessary, if you don’t want it you can just plug it into the computer and it worked just.
Fine, another great thing that comes with it are these tools and these will be your. Best friends because their tweezers they’re extremely helpful in this is, robo 3d printer r1 review actually used to help things off of the bed extremely useful actually could see. The logo they’re pretty nice looking printer although always around oh and, there’s one more huge feature that makes this printer stand out and has an auto. Leveling feature so you don’t have to mess with leveling the bed every time a, prehistoric it’ll go around each nine different spots on the bed and check the. Leveling so you don’t have to mess with that and it’ll just have it in which is, extremely nice ok so those were all the features that I really like about this. Now on to what I do not like there isn’t much here one of the things that is a, robo 3d printer r1 review little less convenient is it’s not enclosed and that’s not a huge deal most.
The time but it can be a problem for temperature because sometimes prints get, a little too cold while they’re on their way he doesn’t stand and if they cool. Down to quick they can start warping and peeling off the bed and I can bet that, was just turning up my the bed temperature but because my house is. Typically a little bit colder than most people’s houses so, to keep in mind that your environment and affected and I’ve seen a few other. Printers they have the the print area completely enclosed and it seems like, robo 3d printer r1 review that’d be nice but that’s a pretty minor complaint in the complaint I have is how. The filament is inserted in there if you can see this is just a little thing here, and you can see this but this is how the film I’m going to say this is how the. Film is a chance you can see in there there’s a tiny little hole the bottom, and then the springs in clothes that to keep it pressed against the whole bowl.
So this can turn an extruded it well it works really well it is hard to get the, filament in their correctly most the time I end up having to unscrew the. Screws are here that are spring-loaded CFB care plans for himself off but I, robo 3d printer r1 review have to unscrew those pull this back and actually insert the filament in that. Tiny little hole down there and then close it back up and it’s just kind of a, pain and if your film it’s not really sturdy late toward the end you can see. That this gets really really curly and it has a high potential break off so, again a pretty minor complaint and something that you know some people. Might not even notice so I’m just being nitpicky there but but it is something, to be aware of the few very minor complaints I would hands down recommend. This to anyone looking to buy one of the biggest pluses of this is price point, robo 3d printer r1 review because you know other printers days seem comparable to this one in sell for.
Thousands of dollars, you know i three thousand or not but this one is $. Think I when I, bought it was like $. I think that’s still pretty much, that something like this you will find anything else that has this kind of. Quality heated bed in this this size of the print area for this price and so, robo 3d printer r1 review that was amazing because someone is just doing this as a hobby and can really do. Voter they don’t know that they’ll be able to devote a lot of time and energy, into this you know it’s a lot easier to scrounge up $. $, for something.
That you don’t really know anyone who’s interested in, great for your printer I guess that had no experience and I was able to grasp it. Right away, robo 3d printer r1 review been using it for a year with absolutely zero problems though. Recommendation for me well that was my review of the robot, watching us the next time you enjoy the video if you did make sure you subscribe. And share this video it helps me a lot you can also follow me on Twitter I’m at, a loss for tech and once you’ve done all that check out some of these other. Videos I made thanks for watching guys

, robo 3d printer r1 review the.
But so what do i have in my hand here this, is no I know looks like Santa sleigh but that’s not what it is. This is a solution to a problem that I had my kids create, are they designed it identifying a problem first together as a class. And they came up with a solution to it it is a tablet stand it’s a funky, tablets and we’ll talk about that in it because it’s fairly pretty large. There’s as my head and so does have a sense probably something we can improve, robo 3d printer r1 review is making a more compact this is the first prototype. Will need to look at how to fix it in in my last video talked about why I want to, bring 3d printing in the classroom how can be beneficial and what process I. Went through to investigate different, tools different 3d printers and what requirements I.
Needed or, in three different machine and i ended up. Getting this robot 3d printer back here and that’s what this just came off a few, robo 3d printer r1 review minutes ago you can. Hear the fans on it still going um, as you can see it works fairly well this is about the. And haven’t kept track both have done several prints on it so far over the, past couple weeks. And none of them failed I do wanna give, a little bit of common overview and is little review about how the process is. Work, robo 3d printer r1 review and we’re doing this this solution here as part of our invention our which must.
Be making a video about because it really warrants, a deeper discussion I’ll why and how to do. Arm invention are just sort of like one hour invention a week, with the students that Anna actual authentic process. %uh identifying and solving problems that’s because we mention it’s, let’s take a look at this model for small so I can show you a few. Issues I’ve come across with the printer even though not to the princess failed, robo 3d printer r1 review and even though. It prints nice large print which are not going to get on most printers especially, this one was similar twenty dollars. To get this size you have to go you know over two thousand dollars in most cases, for most printers.
Overall I’m really happy with via the process is basically is plug-and-play I, plugged in the little lie. USB thumb drive that came with it and the flash drive, robo 3d printer r1 review had on installation on a in a video showing how to do it on the one thing is. Confusing is that the video said only to use this is the up-and-down access to, calibrate it gets a good tension in the right distance. But never asked me for that when I press start on the first model I did, I include several models a stir with the whistle it just went straight down. To the print bad answer calibrated itself but it did touch the, the glass which may be a little concerned Saunders gonna show you. What it looks like it’ll be the third print I do initiate a quality, robo 3d printer r1 review so the Prince mom the whistle came out perfectly pretty much.
The second print had a few problems so no look at those and maybe someone can, give me some. Tips on how to fix them okay so it starts at right Slayers all I’ve done is, isolated a pre-made model here. We’re going to be making their own right now we’ve got to the cigarette ever, in only complaint on have this process you can see it so the. Self calibrating dipped down, robo 3d printer r1 review determines the level and its gonna sort of do a self-calibration. Procedure, dad. P, day.
Now it should be pretty much good to go done, it was a good strong outline. We’re going to work with Fiat sticking I did put some clue and if you notice the, robo 3d printer r1 review kinda snagged up it is only. Real design flaw so far they’ve seen with it is the spool holder, is that a really kinda wonky angle it comes to compete in the top. By specialists it’s going lower in school to try to put, sorta sideways it pushes against their you can see also put a bunch of scotch. Tape their, to hold the spawn place because without that it’ll slide all the way over. And slip down sideways causing even bigger problem, robo 3d printer r1 review so that sort of create a little resistance I’m sure i could print out.
Some sort of a, bowl gasket thing to put on their slaughtering on there something. People probably made that because you’re making a boat I’m now, made the crazy classes shows mister man. Let’s zoom in and see us doing the actual print here, can see a. Looks pretty solid this one so well that robo, robo 3d printer r1 review printing of. Via robo blue on sample model, love the bow tie wanna show you with the second pick came out like this was the. The I got the sunglasses cocaine you can see the front of it this is the bottom, surface that a printed came out pretty great recent extremism streaking on it.
That’s because I use, a glue stick to help its taking on the schedule C. It’s less arm it’s more shiny, robo 3d printer r1 review more smooth was because there wasn’t lustig on that part in fill the whole. Surface, well enough from and the problem with that is you like to see see a band up a. Little bit lifted their, so the glue stick deathly does help prevent it from lifting are working. Now I’m speaking of work being it looks pretty great, into you get to certain parts if you look at the nosepiece there. There’s some are see if I can show you, robo 3d printer r1 review this a little gaps in its heels look gaps.
And bomb you know serve groupie spots, so let it lifted a little bit on some the layers. The little if they’re on the inside the eyepiece as well and wanna show you, don’t hear specialists with a big problem was. The hinge area it was supposed to make a curve a, little top to it serve a curved head with a diff it were a little. Bond in, robo 3d printer r1 review on the top bottom and that’s what we keep it in place just attention. But you can see this pope insert a cross hatch framing their, show that actually played often broke off because that part was really poorly. I fabricated it just sort of a, it didn’t hear really didn’t go across I don’t know that’s because in the area.
That is doing is such a small area, or because those curves surfaces or what the deal you can see the flat it’s flat. Surfaces, robo 3d printer r1 review it does like a champ no problem and I haven’t changed any the default settings. Listing it still said it is medium print quality, bomb or whatever the default settings are having change the print quality I. Haven’t changed, via the speed haven’t changed. Any of that stuff so it’s possible that changing those will help but I’m certain, wonder is it. The air temperature of the room because it’s not an enclosed case, robo 3d printer r1 review could that be causing a problem could it be I.
Quality the plae that they provided with the kit itself, I really don’t know what to do some experimentation but anybody has any. Ideas, why these details in the classes would break off but the little hinge part on. The glass frame, and the little David. A little bump hinges on the temple themselves are similar to shape and they, robo 3d printer r1 review both. Just totally flaked they had a huge gaps and holes in them to the point it is, cracked off very easily. But otherwise it’s been very easy to use, super easy plug-and-play am pretty pretty happy with himself to work out.
Some those kinks, see us doing on a. More time, robo 3d printer r1 review again I hasn’t tweeted anything. Meeting James is that the bosnian press play, deployment with some pretty pleased overall there’s only a few. Kinda minor issues we run into you one of them if you look carefully here, it sees dark splotches and what’s happening is. I’m not quite sure it’s happening I got a little worried because this didn’t, show up on the first. Or so prince that we did, robo 3d printer r1 review in research in a very recently after printing out.
Someone or other models here’s another model we did you can see this was done, are many different film it is a wood fiber filament. And this is the Great Pyramid of Khufu but we did a cut-away view see you can, see the interior. Passageways in chambers case that wouldn’t seem to have more educational, value more interest. Than just making it my parents now site which doesn’t give a sense a scaler, robo 3d printer r1 review for purpose by cutting away and showing the passages the Grand Gallery the. King’s Chamber, we can get a better idea of things so this one as you can see doesn’t have any. This dark splotches, we printed out some of those in the green film and also.
Is a generic glow in the dark film and then I ordered, from another company offer about forty dollars a spool. And here is the first thing I printed out with it, robo 3d printer r1 review which as you can see it’s pretty big also its modular this way this is our. Robot, model that came with the printer as one other models. And his prints on pieces that snap together you can see is no dark patches, on this either. What’s going on is a dark patches are these blobs, that appear and at first I was worried when I saw them I thought maybe the. Printer itself was melting some its components, robo 3d printer r1 review I I’m hoping it’s not the case I don’t think that’s the case because it still.
Seems be perfectly intact, well i think is happening is some other filament is getting. Stock or leaking somehow at the hot and the whole, and then forming globs that then get overheated orkut basically scorched. This film is plae poly lactic acid which is this sugar-based plastic, and so it kind of it’s burnt basically and many. Globs down and makes extra blob on top what should be extruded normally, robo 3d printer r1 review arm what concerns me but that more than half then the discoloration. I have a cause a prince to fail but it does make the sort of, the texture changes so the density changes at those spots. But also it makes a blob an emergency inside here, will be hard to see but actually sticks out those blocks in only the hot it’s.
Hot enough that it sort of dis, white straight through it somebody has a lift up and concern that there could be. A hazard for, robo 3d printer r1 review causing the printer fail were somehow mysoline horace the print hasn’t been an. Issue so far but if anybody knows the exact causes problem, it could be the heat level on the extruder in hot n. It could be the filament they could be the printer self I’m not sure, and that’s a tough thing about 3d printing is are so many variables. Involved, there’s a printer body and mechanics of it was the software you use. Then as the film he uses the settings you have incited, robo 3d printer r1 review the the he levelled everything another issue.
That I wanna kind if show and this one has been happening since the very, beginning. Is women Causey banding or Z reading, so with Amy’s vertically along the z-axis you can we see it with this film. It because, it’s kind of a translucent it’s harder to see so shoot another example here. With the, robo 3d printer r1 review with the whistle certain filament show a better than other ones for this. Artifact concern financing have more this problem in other ones too which is, interesting. Is that the layers are not all even, if you have a completely vertical rise it should be straight up some will be a.
Little, wider is a little narrower than others making his band The Reading effect. It’s pretty feet it’s not serious and it doesn’t affect, robo 3d printer r1 review the functionality in the models really obviously the larger the model. The less you can notice these very small very tiny less than a millimeter, variations in layer with but it is kind of an annoyance a nuisance it’s less. Than perfect, I without those banning in reading issues I’d say the print quality this. Printer is pretty much spot on perfect, arm so that’s a minor annoyance that seems to be. Based on the machine itself arm possibly due to calibration possibly due to, robo 3d printer r1 review some with the vertical Roger components handyman figured out yet but they’re.
Our discussions about it on the robot 3d form and you can actually finds problem, other printers as well if you search online for Z van der Zee reading. You’ll see this is this problem is not unique to this printer, but it is arm kinda minutes so overall. I have to say I’m pretty pleased the quality this printer it’s not perfect, but for the price. You get a lot of bang for the buck this printer costs about same price is an, robo 3d printer r1 review iPad. We’re talking about here to lie to fabricate things mere mention Asian from, free cat software. And to solve problems with actual physical objects, on and to create very large pronounce to do so.
Which you don’t get on ninety to ninety-nine percent the printer’s out, there. Inist some one thousand dollar price range

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